25 Air Quality Influencers You Should Know

Air Quality Influencers: Empowering and Invigorating

Air quality is important for our health, and there are many influencers that work to make sure the air we all breathe is clean. These people do this by educating us about what pollutes the air, how it affects our health, and how we can protect ourselves. We will discuss who these influencers are in this blog post!
25 Air Quality Influencers You Should Know

There is no denying that air pollution is becoming a more serious problem around the planet. It’s a public health issue that businesses are increasingly attempting to educate their customers about, and they’re seeking to incorporate air quality data into their goods. However, many product managers and marketers want to learn more about air quality and what this industry is all about before they do so.

As a useful resource, we compiled this list of the top air quality influencers.

#01. Simon Birkett

A former banker, quit the financial industry in 2009 and has since been a dedicated fighter for cleaner air in London. He has pressed city and federal governments for nearly a decade as the Founder and Director of Clean Air in London, and he was successful in getting the United Kingdom government to release official numbers on premature mortality due by air pollution.

Simon Birkett

#02. Susana Hormigos

A PhD candidate at Madrid’s Universidad CEO San Pablo, regularly publishes helpful information on indoor air quality. Hormigos, an architect by trade, offers some unique thoughts on the relationship between the built environment and pollution.

#03. Simon Evans

He is the policy editor of CarbonBrief, a media source committed to energy and climate policy analysis and fact-checking. He was a co-author of a comprehensive paper on the social costs of carbon released recently. It’s a fun interactive Q&A that you should certainly check out.

Simon Evans

#04. Angel Hsu

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Yale, specializes in environmental challenges in China, a country with some of the world’s worst air pollution. Hsu is the director of the Data Driven Yale and the prior director of the Environmental Performance Index, which gives a global picture of environmental performance and country-by-country metrics and is focused on data-driven solutions to environmental concerns.

Angel Hsu

#05. Dr. John Rieuwerts

He is a leading thinker and writer on how to combat air pollution and improve air quality around the world. He is the author of “An Air That Kills: Our Invisible Air Pollution Crisis.” His book, which was just published in January, looks into the health implications of air pollution and suggests solutions.

#06. Emily Kasriel

A BBC World Service Group journalist gives a strong, globally knowledgeable voice on the major issues influencing air quality, as well as the innovative solutions and individuals trying to improve it. She actively encourages people all over the world to contribute their ideas on how to reduce air pollution with the hashtag #SoICanBreathe. It’s a moving depiction of how poor air impacts our day-to-day lives.

Emily Kasriel

#07. Dr. James Tate

Vehicles are the leading source of air pollution, thus it’s critical to figure out how to navigate about cities without hurting the environment. Dr. James Tate, an Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, is a pioneer in this area.

#08. James Thornton

He is the CEO of ClientEarth and an outspoken supporter of stricter pollution legislation. His firsthand knowledge of the challenges provides him with a unique perspective, and his firm continues to play an important role in holding governments accountable for their inactivity.

James Thornton

#09. Tess Riley

In mid-February, Tess Riley and her team at The Guardian led an important initiative: a weeklong investigation of air pollution, gathering stories from around the globe and live blogging updates from key pollution hotspots like Bakersville, California. Riley – and The Guardian overall – have been doing important work on raising the profile of the seriousness of air pollution and exploring practical solutions.

#10. Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller’s research focuses on indoor air quality: its origins, health consequences, and solutions as an environmental engineering professor at UC Boulder in Colorado. She’s written about the “microbiology of the house,” for example, and she frequently publishes studies and articles concerning how urban air pollution affects our health and daily lives.

Shelly Miller

#11. Sadiq Khan

Since Day One, he has been a vocal proponent of reducing London’s air pollution. His excellent endeavours are assisting in the reduction of pollutants in the city’s air by banning wood-burning stoves and older vehicles that create more pollution than modern models.

Sadiq Khan

#12. Rosalind O’Driscoll

She is a PhD student at the Centre for Environmental Policy in her last year. Her research is centered on real-world transportation emissions, with a focus on pollution caused by diesel vehicles. Her research and commitment to improving London’s air quality is making a real difference.

#13. Mikaela Loach

Edinburgh-based Mikaela Loach, a medical student and climate activist, has been nominated for the Global Citizen Prize: UK’s Hero Award. Prior to the Covid-19 epidemic, Loach used direct action tactics such as camping outside Westminster in October 2019 with Extinction Rebellion to urge that politicians listen to and act on the climate problem.

Mikaela Loach

#14. Shazia Ali-Webber

Shazia Ali-Webber, a mother on a mission, is fighting for a better future for London’s children. Her campaign, I Like Clean Air, aims to make the future cleaner and safer for children. Parents and their children are working together to raise awareness about London’s air pollution problem.

#15. Isaias Hernandez

Based in Los Angeles Isaias Hernandez is the founder of Queer Brown Vegan, a website dedicated to providing accessible environmental education centered on veganism, zero-waste, and environmental justice.

Isaias Hernandez

#16. Dr. David Green

He’s been working on his project for the past 20 years. He collaborates with the Marylebone Road Atmospheric Observatory, which has been instrumental in measuring air pollution in the United Kingdom. It originally demonstrated the impacts of direct NO2 emissions in collaboration with Dr. Green, and it continues to monitor air quality and how it impacts human health.

#17. Anne Hidalgo

She is the first female Mayor of Paris, is prioritizing environmental issues in her projects. Her Mayoral Program includes the addition of 200 new green areas, the installation of new bicycle lanes, the reduction of diesel-fueled autos, the management of cigarette trash, and the installation of new bike lanes.

Anne Hidalgo

#18. C40

Cities are responsible for 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. C40 is a global network of the world’s most populous cities dedicated to combating climate change. C40, currently in its tenth year, brings together 80+ cities to successfully collaborate, share information, and achieve real, measurable, and long-term change.

#19. Naomi Klein

She is a writer and environmentalist, holds the Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies at Rutgers University. She has been writing articles concerning the effects of political and economic decisions on the environment and the destiny of humanity for over 20 years.

Naomi Klein

#20. Sotirios Papathanasiou

He is a clean-air advocate residing in Spain who also maintains the popular See the Air blog. His goal is to raise public awareness about air pollution and the little efforts people can take to limit their personal exposure. He also examines various air pollution remedies on the market on a monthly basis, based on his personal experience and interest in air quality.

Sotirios Papathanasiou

#21. Jeffrey K Smith

Jeff describes himself as an expert in air quality monitoring and a proponent of renewable energy. He advises the World Health Organization in Geneva on air pollution and urban health projects that emphasize citizen science and public participation.

#22. Tim Smedley

UK-based Tim Smedley is a regular contributor to the BBC, the Financial Times, and the Guardian on air pollution issues. The Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize was recently awarded to his debut book #ClearingTheAir.

#23. Ian Mudway

He has spent years studying and comprehending the long-term repercussions of air pollution. As a Respiratory Toxicology speaker, he may be found informing the public about the importance of making changes.

Ian Mudway

#24. Greta Thunberg

The 18-year-old is the queen of environmental campaigning, having started a school strike for climate change and asking the Swedish government to act on global warming. She has subsequently encouraged millions to follow suit. Thunberg has met with international leaders, sailed across the Atlantic, and received two Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

#25. Shirley Rodrigues

In October 2016, she was named Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy. Since then, she has used her knowledge to assist in the unveiling of the Mayor’s plan to drastically reduce air pollution. She is committed to making London a better and safer place to live, and she is passionate about environmental issues.

Shirley Rodrigues

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