Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

ByPurify Founder

About the Author

Our ByPurify team is headed by Mark Johnson, Environmental Scientist, published author & Cofounder.  He’s passionate about energy & conservation but importantly: The home wellness benefits of clean, healthy air. ByPurify’s leader also maintains a dynamic team &  work environment with a hands-on leadership approach.


Hailing from Seattle, Mark completed his PhD in Environmental Science at his local university, exploring the health benefits of clean air in his research paper. During his time at university, he continuously achieved top results, with high praise on his final paper.


Upon graduating, Mark began to consult with several environmental experts to collate data on the best technical solutions to help with optimal air conditions. He saw a gap in the market, realising that few research centers offer a one-stop information portal on air-purification products.

That’s how ByPurify was born.

A Word From Mark:

  “Hi. I’m proud to have developed ByPurify into a leading solutions-based authority on environmental health, enlisting researchers, product testers, writers, and journalists from across the globe. I hope you enjoy reading our content as much as we love creating it. Get in touch if you have any questions, comments, or feedback!

– Mark.”



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Written by
Mark Johnson
Cleaner Living Expert

Mark has discovered how a clean environment can help in preventing certain air born diseases, allergies and asthma. These days, Mark’s mission is to help businesses, individuals, and families find easy solutions for creating a healthy and safe work and living space, no matter your health condition.