Nicola Date

Nicola Date

Writer and Journalist

About the Author

Writer, entrepreneur, and lifestyle brand owner Nicola Date is a dynamic edition to the By Purify team. As a mother to a 7-year-old daughter, Nicola values the importance of living a healthy and balanced life and is thrilled to contribute toward helping families enjoy a fresher environment.


Nicola has had a colorful career after completing an honors degree in the Arts, majoring in business management. During her time at university, she developed a passion for sustainable living and grass-roots business practices.


Upon graduating, Nicola explored various avenues in the arts and charity sector, enjoying a 10-year freelance career spanning film, theatre, PR, marketing, events, and more.

It was a bad bout of COVID-19 and a successful article detailing her experience that led Nicola towards her core passion; creating engaging, factual, and ‘to the point’ content.


Nicola has found her ‘home’ as a contributor on a website like ours; all about maintaining a healthy environment. By implementing a balanced approach to life, Nicola enjoys finding opportunities to take deep, fresh breaths between the chaos.



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Written by
Mark Johnson
Cleaner Living Expert

Mark has discovered how a clean environment can help in preventing certain air born diseases, allergies and asthma. These days, Mark’s mission is to help businesses, individuals, and families find easy solutions for creating a healthy and safe work and living space, no matter your health condition.