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Best AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Air Purifier Review

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Ever imagined what it’d be like to have an air purifier that automatically detects air quality and regulates itself? Coway is a company favorite for creating health-minded technologies developed AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled air purifier.

The Wi-Fi enabled whole house air purifier uses a dual-filtration system to remove particulate matter from the air. Accompanied by air mega mobile app (IOS and Android) that allows you to monitor and manage air quality from almost anywhere.

Who Is It For?

The room air purifier is ideal for health conscious individuals and those suffering from allergies.

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AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 80%
Value For Money 90%
Price 90%

AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled Review Table

Summary air filter home edition works efficiently in purifying the air while operated using the airmega mobile app.
Product Rating 9.00/10 purifier delivers exceptional results using the dual filtration operation.
Intended Use 9.00/10 air purifier removes all allergens, fine dust, and molds. It gives real time update on air quality as well.
Value for Money 9.00/10 Great value for money considering its excellent work.
Price 8.00/10 Cheap AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled room air purifier.

Quick Summary

The room air filter has a Green True HEPA that clears up to 99.97% of allergen, and fine dust and an Activated Carbon for removing up to 99% of VOCs and odor. It has an indicator that gauges filters and indicates replacement time.

Check the indoor air quality using a Mobile App and get real-time updates on the outdoor air quality. The unit has a Smart Mode that automatically adjusts the air filtration speed according to the room’s current air quality.

We Like

The home air filters have a Smart Mode to add to the whisper-quiet operation. It can be operated using a mobile app. The unit offers real-time air quality updates and adjusts speed fan depending on air quality.

We Don’t Like

The device is expensive when buying. However, its smart efficiency says a lot about it.

What It Includes:

  • MAX2 Filter Set.
  • Real-time Air Quality Monitoring.
  • Smart Mode.
  • Mobile App.

Key Features

MAX2 Filter Set

The set includes a Green True HEPA for allergen and dust removal and an Activated Carbon for Odor and VOCs removal.

Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

The product has a sensor and a brightly colored LED ring that tells you the quality of your indoor air.

Smart Mode

Auto mode adjusts the fan filtration speed according to air quality. Eco mode conserves energy by shutting down the fan when air quality is good for more than 10 minutes, and sleep mode detects when it’s dark, so the unit runs much quieter.

Mobile App

The app available on Android and IOS allows you to monitor air quality, get real-time air updates, set timer and monitor filter life.


  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 14.8 x 22.8 Inches
  • Unit Weight: 24.7 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 34.6 Pounds
  • Origin: Republic of Korea

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Airmega 400S Smarter App

Results You Will Get

The device will remove fine dust among other particulates from the air in a room of up to 1560 square feet. With the mobile app, you’ll monitor filter life, air quality and updates for outdoor air quality. The Smart Mode will enable you to get the best out of the unit.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing this review, there were a total of 218 customer reviews and 25 answered questions on Amazon for the air purifier with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Customers loved this product because of its Smart Mode and operation on a mobile app.

A few customers summarized the experience and wrote, “So far it has done a fantastic job. In love with this filter.”

Pros vs Cons


  • Mobile App control

  • Smart Mode saves energy

  • Air quality control

  • Whisper quiet operation


  • It’s expensive


If you feel like you are not satisfied with the product, feel free to check the Ainingshi or Akconu Mini.

For more detailed informations on air purifiers read our guide on the Best Air Filter for Home.

Insider Information

The air purifier works efficiently in removing allergies and odor from the air, but the initial price is expensive. Never the less, this is a great product.

Our Verdict

AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled air purifier offers more than its value for money. We would recommend it for the removal of allergens as well as give real-time air quality updates.

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