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Cheap Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with 2 HEPA

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Are you looking for the best-in-class performance for breathable air throughout your home and beyond? Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with two qty HEPA-Silver Filter is the answer for you.

The 2qty HEPA-Silver filter removes bacteria, allergens, and asthma which can be a menace in your living room. The Silver Filter is quiet and efficient in removing allergens and dust hence making it perfect for open concept rooms and other large rooms of up to 1,100 square feet.

Who Is It For?

Alen’s BreatheSmart Silver Smart Bundle 2 pack is intended for houses prone to asthma cases.

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Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 80%
Value For Money 90%
Price 90%

Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Review Table

Summary A purifier ideal for removing allergens and dust. It is quiet and efficient considering the sensory feature that adjusts to changing air saving energy
Product Rating 9.00/10 It works quietly and efficiently.
Intended Use 9.00/10 two qty HEPA-Silver filter removes allergens, asthma, and bacteria.
Value for Money 9.00/10 Great value for money considering how long lasting it is cleaning air while saving energy.
Price 8.00/10 A low-priced allergen remover.

Quick Summary

The product is an air purifying unit that captures allergens, asthma and bacteria leaving your room cleaner with breathable air for your home and beyond.

We Like

The unit has a SmartSensory feature that adjusts to the changing air, prolonging the filter’s life. The BreatheSmart built with WhisperMax technology that uses pink noise to eliminate irritating high frequency sounds hence maintaining a peaceful environment during air purification. It cleans a large open concept room up to 1100 square feet.

We Don’t Like

The air cleaner is not small. The size is however complimented by design making it easy to tuck it in the wall ultimately purifying air without obstruction.

What It Includes:

  • Two qty HEPA-Silver filter for removing allergies, asthma, and bacteria.
  • Alen’s exclusive SmartSensor feature automatically detects and adjusts to changing air quality, prolonging filter life and conserving energy.
  • WhisperMax technology, designed to eliminate irritating high-frequency sounds.

Key Features

BreatheSmart Silver Smart Bundle 2-Pack

The air purifier has a two qty HEPA-Silver filter that specifically attacks the root of the problem when removing allergens and pollutants.

Alen’s SmartSensor

The feature automatically detects and adjusts with the changing air hence prolonging filter life and saving energy.

WhisperMax Technology

The unit built with the WhisperMax Technology that uses pink noise to eliminate high-frequency sounds.


  • Unit Colour: Weathered Gray
  • Size: Smart Bundle Silver, 2-Pack
  • Manufacturer: Alen Corporation
  • Origin: US

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Alen Breathesmart Customizable

Results You Will Get

Customized asthma attacking Smart Bundle Silver 2-Pack works efficiently in air filtration especially in a room with no walls.

The air filter home edition customized with a two qty HEPA-Silver for removing allergens and pet dander.

Customer Reviews

When writing this review, there were a total of 296 customer reviews and 184 answered questions on Amazon for the allergen remover with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers loved this product for its ability to last long because of the Smart Sensor Feature that allows it adjust with air change. The feature elongates filter life.

Many customers summed up their experience, “Researched air purifiers, liked the design of the Alen BreatheSmart, ordered one to see. We were astounded by the difference. It was remarkable.”

Pros vs Cons


  • Smart Sensor feature elongates filter life

  • Pink noise that eliminates high-frequency sounds

  • Cleans a large room

  • Customized room air filter


  • Not small


If you feel like you are not satisfied with the product, feel free to check out Akconu Mini Review and Alen Breathesmart Fit50 Review. They have similar features, but this product produces less noise when cleaning the air.

Also read our guide on the Best Home Air Purifier.

Insider Information

The home air filters work efficiently in removing allergies, asthma, and bacteria in an open concept room but it can take a bit of space when in a closed house. Never the less, it is a great product for removing asthma.

Our Verdict

The Allen BreatheSmart Customizable whole house air purifier offers more than its value for money. We would recommend it for those with chronic allergies and sinusitis.

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