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You mount it on wheels, thus enabling you to pull it around the room as you clean comfortably. It is easier to use than most upright options.

They are also highly versatile and capable of cleaning various surfaces because they have a variety of attachments.

In addition to vacuuming tile, wood floors, and carpeting, they can be used to clean draperies and upholstery. The amount and type of cleaning that you must perform will help determine whether the machine requires additional attachments.

Pro Tip Draperies

How Do They Work?

They have unique features that make them qualified to make your home better. One of these crucial elements includes the advanced filtration system. Most have three filters: a bag, a chamber filter, and an exhaust filter. The chamber filter is located inside the machine, behind the bag and in front of the motor. The internal screen should always protect the engine and restrict air flow when clogged.

The exhaust filter, on the other hand, should be a HEPA Filter. A sealed product has gaskets inside of it to avoid any leakage of debris and dust before it passes through the various layers of filtration. Another essential feature should be the suction control system. It is convenient to be able to reduce or increase suction by your floor situation.

Remember Internal Screen

Q: Do They Work Well on Pet Hairs?

A: Pet hair is the most difficult to clean when they keep on dragging their hair to every corner of your house. If you own a pet, you know how fur tracks its way into your carpet, corners, upholstery, stairs, and all the nooks and crannies around your house. They provide you with the maneuverability to chase down pet hair wherever it lurks! They have various features that make specific models perfect for trapping these hairs.

Q: Mine Just Stopped Working Properly. What Do I Do?

A: With these types of issues it is always wise to consult your manual first. The manual has a troubleshooting page, which gives you direction on how to check out your product. Remember to always unplug before examining it. Check out for clogs in the hose, and look into your bag, which might be full. If the brush roll is not turning, check the belt and replace it if necessary. You should also be sure to check out your electrical outlet and see if it is working correctly. If everything else fails, take it to your nearest retailer for repair.

Q: How Many Filters Does It Have?

A: Assume we are counting the bag, in case of a bagged vacuum system; most standard vacuums possess at least two filters. They are:

  1. The Dust Cup Filter that traps dirt inside the dust container (for the bagless systems only)
  2. For both bagless and bagged systems, there is the Pre-filter that also referred to as the pre-motor filter, motor filter or after bag filter that filters your air before it enters the suction motor.
  3. Another standard filter is the Exhaust filter, a.k.a the final filter, output filter or after cleaner that filters air returning to your room.

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