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Envion Ionic Pro Review

We have recently added updates to this write-up to include certain latest updates. We hope that they should help you in your process to find the ideal one for your specifications.

We Like

We like that we do not need a filter for the Envion Ionic Pro Air cleaning system, thereby cutting cost and it is easy to clean.

We Donโ€™t Like

The Envion Ionic Pro Air cleaning system needs to be cleaned very regularly, but that means nothing in comparison to the cost of replacement filters.

Product Specs

  • TOTALLY SILENT AIR PURIFIER destroys airborne germs and odors in less than one hour
  • PROVEN TO REMOVE 99.9% OF AIRBORNE ALLERGENS, IRRITANTS, & POLLUTANTS – PLUS destroy cold & flu viruses, mold spores, and staph and strep bacteria
  • EASY TO CLEAN FILTER – no replacements needed
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Uses less energy than a compact fluorescent bulb
  • SLEEK TOWER DESIGN makes it perfect for medium and large rooms at home or the office
SummaryA stylish, innovative ionizer.
Product Rating9.8/10Great air cleaner that silently removes allergens, irritants, and pollutants.
Intended Use9.00/10This air cleaning system traps almost every pollutant in the air.
Value for Money9.5/10Good value for money. It is worth its price.
Price9.0/10It is affordable.

Results You Will Get from the Envion Ionic Pro

Each Envion Ionic Pro will silently remove allergens, irritants, and pollutants, plus destroys cold & flu viruses, mold spores, and even staph and strep bacteria.

Who Is This For?

These Envion Ionic Pros are ideal for anyone who wants to rid their space of allergens without giving up peace.

Key Features of the Envion Ionic Pro

Ionic Filtration

Both devices work by sucking dirty air through a set of positively charged wire electrodes. These transfer a positive charge to harmful allergens and smoke and cause these particles to get trapped onto negatively charged collection plates. This process is so efficient that it captures particles as small as .01 microns, which equates to 99.9% of airborne germs.

No filters to replace โ€“ Since these air cleaning systems operate through ionic filtration, the filters never have to be replaced. Just clean them with water to remove existing trapped particles to enjoy the continued clean air.

Silent Operation

Envion prides itself on how quiet these air cleaners are when they are turned on. While operating, you will forget they are even running.

Energy Efficient

Power consumption is so low that it costs more to operate a single compact light bulb.

One-Touch Operation

No confusing buttons or settings to contend with, a single button operation makes it easy to use.

Multiple Fan Speeds

Both air cleaners allow you to control the fan speed (see differences section below for exact settings.

Cleaning Indicator

This light alerts you for when it is time to clean the electrostatic collection plates.

Sleek Tower Design

This feature allows these air cleaners to be placed practically anywhere inside a room. Put one in a corner, near a wall or behind a couch.


The Envion Ionic Pro needs to be cleaned very regularly, but that means nothing in comparison to the cost of replacement filters.


The Envion comes at a meager price, yet delivers result efficiently.

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