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Why Choose One?

Ionizers use a powerful air cleaning technology that doesn’t require a physical filter to produce clean, fresh air. It is this feature alone that makes an air ionizer for home or office use so attractive for many consumers. As a filterless air cleaner, an ionizer makes for a great long-term investment.

Another important feature to point out is that it can remove particulates as small as 0.01 microns. This is the smallest size of toxins you can strip from the air and includes super-fine dust, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and more.

Finally, when shopping for a room ionizing device, you will often find it packaged with one or more additional air cleaning features. These upgrades fill in the gaps where ionic technology needs help.

The two most common features include:

Did You Know Ionizer
Carbon Filter

This filter helps to eliminate smoke and odor. It works by absorbing gaseous particles and makes a room smell fresh. It is a real filter but is cheap to replace.

Ultra Violet (UV) Light

UV-C radiation is completely safe for humans but destroys viruses and bacteria. It works by breaking up the DNA structure of these particles, which renders them harmless and creates a sterile environment. UV lights last around 10,000 hours and are cheap to replace.

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Q: Is it Economical to Purchase?

A: Yes, they are the second-most popular types of air systems since they have stylish designs and the whisper-quiet operation. Moreover, they do not require filters replacements; they are filterless, and they are also easy to clean and maintain. Thus, these air systems are a relatively economical way to refreshen the air, especially to remove the second-hand smoke and they require less energy to operate.

Q: Do They Emit Ozone?

A: To some varying degrees, they all release ozone. According to a 2016 study by some environmental researchers, they found out that some products release about 2.2 milligrams of ozone per hour or nearly as much as a continually running photocopier. According to the more research done by the Environmental Protection Agency, air ionizers are more incredible at charging small particles in the air than larger particles. However, since people have particles of various sizes polluting their indoor air, these air systems can present a problem. They emit small amounts of ozone, which is a common lung irritant and detrimental to the environment. While most of us with respiratory conditions may have their issues improve, some may develop additional breathing problems.

Q: Are Multiple Air Purifiers Better For Severe Allergies?

A: Yes. About 30% of our time at home is spent sifting away into dreamland. Having one in the bedroom will directly sort out problems that may otherwise prevent you from breathing smoothly throughout the night. Most of us enjoy the white noise of the fan to fall asleep. If you are a light sleeper, you need to use the SLEEP feature to dim the display and quiet the fan. So, you can kiss your allergies goodbye and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

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