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What Are They?

It is an indispensable tool for cleaning floors, upholstery, and other surfaces in a house. These devices reduce potential allergens and improve indoor air quality. There is a vast assortment of choices, and some of the most popular styles include canister, upright, handheld, robotic, central systems and electric brooms. They vary according to a variety of factors. They include the style and amount of carpeting within a home as well as the other surfaces that require cleaning.


Prospective buyers must consider their allergies and ability to operate the device. Other issues are versatility and price. Some people purchase two or more optionsto clean their homes or vehicles.

How Do They Work?

There are various models on the market. First, there are the cordless or corded. Corded ones need to be connected to a power source to operate while cordless ones you charge before use. The corded variety is more potent than the cord-free, but the cordless one is easier to move around the house.

Second is whether the machine comes with an attached dust bag or is bagless. Most people might prefer to buy bagless ones because this cancels out having to manually throw out all the dust and dirt you have been vacuuming. However, the machines that come with dirtbags are in most cases more efficient than those without the dirt-bags.

Third, you will find that it can be upright handheld or the stick variety. It is the terms that define how you will use the machine. The handheld type is comfortable to use almost anywhere because they have high maneuverability. On the other hand, while the stick and handheld may be cumbersome they are in most cases more powerful.

Pro Tip Dirtbag

Last but not least, there are the robotic, central systems and the canister. The robotic need a remote control system, the central vacuum systems deposit dirt and dust in a receptacle located in a seldom-used area and the canister options that have a long wand attached to a canister by a flexible hose. They also include an engine and receptacle that collects dirt and dust.

So, whichever system you purchase, be sure to know the type that fits best with your lifestyle.

Q: How Often Should One Change the Bag?

A: It varies depending on the use, type of floors, pets, and the bag’s capacity. With most of them, the bags need to be changed/replaced every couple of months, say two to three months depending on the amount of dirt collected. With some however like the Electrolux, Oreck, the bag change can be a little sooner, even weeks. Vacuuming carpeted floors and homes with pet hair can fill a bag quickly especially with your pets dragging their fur all over the house. Fortunately for us, most of these systems come with a bag change indicator that makes your work easier by alerting you when a bag change is required.

Q: At What Point Should I Replace The Belt?

A: If you think yours is not cleaning as it used to or your brush roll has stopped turning, it might be an good time to change your belt. First, you need to stop using it and unplug its cord. It is not hard to replace the belt if you own or have access to a screwdriver and a new strap. For guidelines for your particular model, adhere to your proprietor’s manual.

Q: What Are the Best Types of Bags?

A: Most companies and manufacturers advise their consumers to purchase branded replacement bags. However, you can always find high quality and cheaper alternatives like the Airflo bags, Unifit bags, and Vivanco bags, among others. An excellent bag should hold in the dirt for an extended period and are also impenetrable.

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