7 Million: Preview Friv Games

7 million is a lot. Although it probably matters, 7 million of what exactly. Dollars in small bills in a portfolio? Or in a bank account? And if it is a debt, or the account is not at all yours? Or maybe this is the general number of inhabitants of the city in which you live. Then - a lot. It's all about context. In games, in general, a lot depends on him, as in real life. For example, 7Million.

Here you have to experience all of the above options. Friv5Online Games Studio, the owners of the game, are not in vain hinting at "Ocean's 11" - play money has a habit of changing owners, and the amounts are quite consistent with the name. Why waste time on trifles? Just do not expect shootings and bandit showdowns. Think again of "friends" or another similar movie. Minimum shooting. A minimum of difficulties and troubles. Maximum planning. Take a few comrades with you, rob the richest casino in the city and hide in an unknown direction.

At first glance, it is clear why and where this product came from - it is a potential "killer" of Second Life... Nowadays, any developer who is not confident enough to make another competitor to World of Warcraft is engaged in the creation of such. SL has become too popular to be ignored, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to come up with something radically new, so contenders for the laurels of "the main MMOG for communication" are born. Each - with its own unique feature. True, just one for the game, for more, usually, there is not enough imagination or desire.

At 7Millionsuch is the idea of ​​a "big rich city" from which it would be a sin not to shake out a little money, even if you already do not suffer from a lack of it. Paradise City - what a primitive name - is filled with rich people, party-goers, bankers, bandits and other relevant paraphernalia. Where you have to deal with not entirely legal affairs. Already dreaming of a wide arsenal of spy gadgets and weapons? Not worth it. The game is just artificially populated with "bad guys" so as not to look like a clone. You can rob cows ... sorry, casinos, search for missing people, perform other heroic deeds, and all this - at the click of your fingers and mouse. Because two clicks are already too difficult for many ordinary users.

All local troubles - except for a few options - you will be asked to solve with the help of mini-games. This is the price for age and psychological tolerance. Throw at least one "serious" shot here, and half of those for whom it is theoretically intended will not come to the project. And for gamers, there are other, much stronger alternatives. No one here, after all, wants even an echo of the scandals generated by the GTA series . But, since this is a wrapper for a social network, most of the game tasks will be solved only with the help of other users, and nothing else.

The financial scheme that 7Million is based on, banal and popular to the point of impossibility. Registration is free, as are most of the items and options. But you will have to pay for some of them - the so-called VIP-club. You can't get away from billboards either, but no one swears when they see a banner on their personal blog page. Most likely, you will not be able to hide from spammers either, so expect numerous unique offers on the purchase of Chinese Swiss watches and personal happiness enhancers. This, of course, if the project gains popularity.

Another reason for the "clone" label is graphics. It uses the Panda Engine, which has appeared in other online products, but any other name could just as well be written. The characters are square enough even on the title page of the official website, and even in the screenshots they look like victims of digital hunger and crop failure. Nothing like the "comic book style" sung in the local FAQ was seen. Perhaps we are talking about very bad comics.

The developers do not know what shaders are, and local trees are cleverly assembled from steel and concrete blocks, reviving Unreal in memory. However, it looks much better than the long-suffering Second Life., and nothing else is required. It's hard to say anything about character animation, but given the low budget and the resulting lags, it might not exist at all.

In total, at the moment the game does not evoke positive emotions. Ocean's Seven Million smells too much of an online walk-through project presumptuously designed to get people to chat online. Nobody takes into account that for the majority it is much easier to sketch a couple of lines on a livejournal, blogger or some "classmates" than registering somewhere and downloading a client. As for the game content, the concept of replacing action with mini-games, even if interesting, does not look attractive.

With the beginning of the open beta test (at the moment, a closed one is underway, in which you can try to get into), it will become clear whether it makes sense to play it. But now we can say that there is little point in hoping for gameplay. Whether this social network will be popular is all that should worry potential participants. Just do not expect the number indicated in the name, even at the peak of popularity.

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