Roborock E35 Review

Vacuum Cleaner
Clean fast, with no random bumping. Using a dual-gyro system together with motion tracking sensors, cleaning is carried out logically and efficiently in every room. Thirteen types of sensors combine to offer cliff sensing, collision avoidance, mid-clean charging and minimize the likelihood of entrapment.
Roborock E35

Handles Hard Floors and Carpets Ideal for Homes with Pets

  • Efficient and Intelligent.
  • Large battery capacity.
  • Thorough cleaning.
* On special until end June 2020

Roborock E35 Vacuum Cleaner

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson
Last Updated:  Jun, 2020
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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to choose a vacuum cleaner with all the options available!

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, that after years and hundreds of hours of testing & reviewing, we have strong opinions about what makes the best air filtration system: level of purification, efficiency, and maintenance.

The Roborock E35 (On special until end Jun, 2020) has all the qualities and features, giving it an added advantage and an edge over its competitors.

Quick Summary of the Roborock E35

Roborock E35 uses logic, not random bumping to clean your home. Its dual-gyroscopes and dual-optical motion tracking sensors monitor and analyze every movement it makes. Using this data it makes quick, effective cleaning paths that clean up to 30%* faster than typical robot vacuums.

The Good & the Bad


  • Great suction.
  • Large dust bin.
  • Effective roller that does a good job of not getting all wrapped in hair.


  • Nice But Motor Noisy.

Key Features

  • Effective cleaning – Powerful suction picks up pet hair, crumbs, and an array of dirt. It pulls grime from deep inside thin carpets, and easily lifts it off wood floors for a spotless finish..
  • Multiple cleaning modes – Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, Max, Carpet and Mopping modes give you the flexibility to get the right clean whether it is late at night or you have made a big mess.
  • Long-life cleaning – Up to 150-minutes of non-stop cleaning power mean you can clean your whole home in one charge.
  • Mopping simplicity – Vacuum and mop together for even shinier floors. The mop picks up the finest dirt, and its onboard water tank only allows water to flow out as the cloth dries to eliminate puddling.
  • Multiple sensors – With a large network of sensors, E35 is intelligent enough to clean in complicated environments, avoid getting trapped, stairs, and even running out of power.

Useful Product Info

  • Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 13.8 x 3.6 Inches
  • Product Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Product Color: Black and grey

Common Questions

  • Can you put any kind of cleaning agent in with the water?

We suggest customer to add water only in the water tank. Because cleaner or other liquid may cause blockage of water tank filter.

  • My roborock e35 goes offline when cleaning and comes back online when its finished cleaning. Is this normal? Im on 2.4 wifi

It's normal if your house is big and robot gets offline when it comes to weak signal area.

What Others Think

At the time of writing this review, there were:

  • 1304 Customers
  • Who Gave it a Rating of 4.3 Out of 5.

What's Included?

Here's what you get when you buy this Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Roborock E35
  • Remote control
  • Charger
  • App control
  • Brush

Our Verdict

The unit is an amazing vacuum cleaner, the E35 is a very good quality made robot vacuum that cleans, navigates, and performs almost as well as the top robotic vacuums. This is a very good choice for those on a limited budget or not willing to shell out $500- $1000 for a flagship.

What to Look for in a New Vacuum Cleaner?

If you’re in the market for a new Vacuum Cleaner, you’re probably looking at the different options and wondering which is the best one to choose.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our reviews are based on the following features:

Suction Power

Only the most effective vacuums make the cut.


So you can get to those hard-to-reach areas.


Because you need a machine that’s built to last.

Ease of Use

It needs to be easy to use and easy to clean.


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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Mark advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use and get the best purifiers so as to maintain their offices and homes. For a fresher and cleaner environment, he is the man for you. He loves ideas and concepts and uses his skills to make them a reality.

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