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Finding the right Vacuum Cleaner for you can be quite difficult, especially with all the choices available out there.

Will it be the right one for me? Would it remove my pet’s hair? Is it really worth it buying this?

Any of these questions buzzing around your head? No need to worry anymore, we have all the answers you’ve been looking for right here.


Your Vacuum Cleaner Answers

Q: What are They and How do They Work?

It is an indispensable tool for cleaning floors, upholstery,1  and other surfaces in a house.

These devices reduce potential allergens and improve indoor air quality. There is a vast assortment of choices, and some of the most popular styles include canister, upright, handheld, robotic, central systems and electric brooms. They vary according to a variety of factors. They include the style and amount of carpeting within a home as well as the other surfaces that require cleaning.

Prospective buyers must consider their allergies and ability to operate the device. Other issues are versatility and price. Some people purchase two or more options to clean their homes or vehicles.

You must also keep in mind that there are various models on the market.

First, there are the cordless or corded. Corded ones need to be connected to a power source to operate while cordless ones you charge before use. The corded variety is more potent than the cord-free, but the cordless one is easier to move around the house.

Second is whether the machine comes with an attached dust bag or is bagless. Most people might prefer to buy bagless ones because this cancels out having to manually throw out all the dust and dirt you have been vacuuming. However, the machines that come with dirtbags are in most cases more efficient than those without the dirt-bags.

Third, you will find that it can be upright handheld or the stick variety. It is the terms that define how you will use the machine. The handheld type is comfortable to use almost anywhere because they have high maneuverability. On the other hand, while the stick and handheld may be cumbersome they are in most cases more powerful.

Last but not least, there are the robotic, central systems and the canister. The robotic need a remote control system, the central vacuum systems deposit dirt and dust in a receptacle located in a seldom-used area and the canister options that have a long wand attached to a canister by a flexible hose.2  They also include an engine and receptacle that collects dirt and dust.

So, whichever system you purchase, be sure to know the type that fits best with your lifestyle.

Q: How Often Should One Change the Bag?

A: It varies depending on the use, type of floors, pets, and the bag’s capacity. With most of them, the bags need to be changed/replaced every couple of months, say two to three months depending on the amount of dirt collected. With some however like the Electrolux, Oreck, the bag change can be a little sooner, even weeks. Vacuuming carpeted floors and homes with pet hair can fill a bag quickly especially with your pets dragging their fur all over the house. Fortunately for us, most of these systems come with a bag change indicator that makes your work easier by alerting you when a bag change is required.

Q: At What Point Should I Replace the Belt?

A: If you think yours is not cleaning as it used to or your brush roll has stopped turning, it might be an good time to change your belt. First, you need to stop using it and unplug its cord. It is not hard to replace the belt if you own or have access to a screwdriver and a new strap. For guidelines for your particular model, adhere to your proprietor’s manual.

Q: What are the Best Types of Bags?

A: Most companies and manufacturers advise their consumers to purchase branded replacement bags. However, you can always find high quality and cheaper alternatives like the Airflo bags, Unifit bags, and Vivanco bags, among others. An excellent bag should hold in the dirt for an extended period and are also impenetrable.

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Canister Vacuum FAQs

You mount it on wheels, thus enabling you to pull it around the room as you clean comfortably. It is easier to use than most upright options.

They are also highly versatile and capable of cleaning various surfaces because they have a variety of attachments.

In addition to vacuuming tile, wood floors, and carpeting, they can be used to clean draperies and upholstery. The amount and type of cleaning that you must perform will help determine whether the machine requires additional attachments.

Q: How do They Work?

They have unique features that make them qualified to make your home better. One of these crucial elements includes the advanced filtration system. Most have three filters: a bag, a chamber filter,3  and an exhaust filter. The chamber filter is located inside the machine, behind the bag and in front of the motor. The internal screen should always protect the engine and restrict air flow when clogged.

The exhaust filter, on the other hand, should be a HEPA Filter. A sealed product has gaskets inside of it to avoid any leakage of debris and dust before it passes through the various layers of filtration. Another essential feature should be the suction control system. It is convenient to be able to reduce or increase suction by your floor situation.

Q: Do They Work Well on Pet Hair?

A: Pet hair is the most difficult to clean when they keep on dragging their hair to every corner of your house. If you own a pet, you know how fur tracks its way into your carpet, corners, upholstery, stairs, and all the nooks and crannies around your house. They provide you with the maneuverability to chase down pet hair wherever it lurks! They have various features that make specific models perfect for trapping these hairs.

Q: Mine Just Stopped Working Properly. What do I do?

A: With these types of issues it is always wise to consult your manual first. The manual has a troubleshooting page, which gives you direction on how to check out your product. Remember to always unplug before examining it. Check out for clogs in the hose, and look into your bag, which might be full. If the brush roll is not turning, check the belt and replace it if necessary. You should also be sure to check out your electrical outlet and see if it is working correctly. If everything else fails, take it to your nearest retailer for repair.

Q: How Many Filters does it Have?

A: Assume we are counting the bag, in case of a bagged vacuum system; most standard vacuums possess at least two filters. They are:

  1. The Dust Cup Filter that traps dirt inside the dust container (for the bagless systems only)
  2. For both bagless and bagged systems, there is the Pre-filter that also referred to as the pre-motor filter, motor filter or after bag filter that filters your air before it enters the suction motor.
  3. Another standard filter is the Exhaust filter, a.k.a the final filter, output filter or after cleaner that filters air returning to your room.

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Cordless Vacuum FAQs

Q: How Should You Optimize a Cordless Vacuums Battery Life?

A: They can be of great help when it comes to cleaning up spills where there you do not have a local electricity supply. Therefore, optimizing the battery life of these cleaners is a good idea but not as simple as it might sound. If yours runs on standard batteries the only justified way to ensure they last longer is to make sure that there is no ‘standby’ function on your battery-powered option. All you need to have is an on/off switch. When it comes to options run on rechargeable batteries, they come in a design that expects you store the battery charger. It ensures that the cells are full at all times. Lastly, always keep your it stored in a cool rather than an ice-cold location.

Q: How Long do These Vacuum Cleaners Run On Battery Charge?

A: It depends on a few things. One is the size of your house and secondly, the type of battery you use. Lithium batteries are better than the, and they store enough charge to last you for a day. Secondly, considering the length of your room and the number of floors you need to clean. They serve most people’s needs for a quick solution for daily use. No cords, no fuss.

Q: What Type of Vacuum Cleaner is Efficient for the Stairs?

A: They are the best cleaners for your stairs. They are convenient and easy to carry around as you move. Therefore, you can clean under your furniture without a hassle and get by the stairs with simplicity. See what Fakespot says about Cordless vacuum.

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Vacuum for Hardwood Floors FAQs

Q: Which are the Best?

The best vacuum cleaners for household cleaning depend on a variety of factors. These features include the style and amount of carpeting within a home as well as the other surfaces that require cleaning. One requires a product that has strong suction power which is essential especially where small particles can become ingrained into the cracks, among other features.

Q: How do They Work?

Unlike most regular vacuum cleaners, hoovers factor in unique features. They are specially designed to cater for these types of tiers, and thus you need to consider some elements carefully.

Important to note:

For one, you should avoid beater brushes. These thick brush rolls are designed to dig into carpet fibers, and this can cause severe damage..

Another important feature is the suction power. Having strong suction is not only useful for carpeting, but also for hard surfaces where small particles can become engrained into the cracks.

Getting one that works also involves considering the weight and compactness of the sweeper. It makes it a lot easier to maneuver and reduces the risk of causing accidental scratches and scuff marks.

Last but not least, another semi-crucial element is the rubber or felt stripe padding. It is a great way to ensure that the machine will not cause any accidental scratching.

Q: What Should You Consider?

A: First and foremost, avoid rolling brushes. Rolling brushes are designed to lift dirt, hair, and debris that hide inside carpets. For hardwoods, this is not an issue. The rolling brush will do more harm than good as it will leave scratches the wood. If you cannot find one with no rolling brush, then choose one that can allow you to switch off the brush attachment, thus preventing it from spinning. Learn more about deep carpet cleaning.
Secondly, look out for vacuum systems with padding and rubber wheels. They help prevent scratches and other damages.
Thirdly, consider the compactness and lightness of the vac. Lightweight vac models are easy to carry around and effortlessly glide across the floor for effortless cleaning. The less pressure you apply to level, the better.
Lastly, check out that it has good suction power. Superior suction quality and control are a must since the two ensure that no dust, dirt or debris is left behind.

Q: What Company Makes the Best Hardwood Floors Vacuums?

A: Over the years, Dyson Vac Company has introduced some great vacuum cleaners that can efficiently clean up and leave no marks. The Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner is one of the top options on the market. First of all, it is cord-free thus making it very convenient. It features the V8 motor which offers you the most powerful suction and the HEPA filtration system that captures allergens and expels fresh and clean air. It also converts into a handheld vacuum system for quick clean UPS, spot cleaning, and cleaning difficult places. It makes up for the best cleaning system.

Q: What Do Vacuum Cleaner Companies Refer to as a Sealed HEPA System?

A: The sealed HEPA system is not only a HEPA filter but also an entire system that meets HEPA standards. The systems accomplish this by preventing air that is passing through the system from escaping around or under the air filter. If you possess a HEPA filter but the air escapes without passing through it, the screen will not complete its intended purpose. The system avoids this by using special filter mountings and other techniques.

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Robot Vacuum FAQs

Q: Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners as Effective as the Every Other Day Cleaning Robot Which Does Not Intend to Replace a More Powerful Vacuum Cleaner But Just for Light Cleaning?

A: They have come a long way. You do not have to suffer the indignity of dragging around an unwieldy, cumbersome product connected to a clumsy, wheeled canister the size of an elephant anymore.

In fact, you do not even need to get off of the couch or your silky office seat. Although it still feels like a relatively new product, there are numerous excellent robotic vacuums available to assist you in disposing of dust, pet hair, and other debris in your home—without needing to lift a finger.

Q: Why are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Round?

A: A robotic vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum system that is programmed to clean without requiring any human intervention. The RoboVacs utilize additional features such as spinning brushes, UV sterilization, and mopping.

It is round because the roundness improves autonomy. When a circular robot (with drive wheels coaxial with the robot diameter) maneuvers into a corner or narrow space it can always turn in place until it maneuvers its way out. The strategy requires no sensor other than a bumper.

With a non-round robot, however, it must execute a more complicated series of wanders to extricate itself. Also, the correct moves cannot be computed unless the robotic system knows the shape of the local space. Thus a non-round robot is more likely to get stuck. With that, the round robot vacuums, therefore, are the best robotic vacuum systems.

Q: How Many Sensors are There in a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

A: The number of sensors a vacuum cleaner has depends on the robotic cleaner itself. However, there are some tasks that all of them share and the corresponding sensors that can perform these tasks:

1. Detecting Obstacles

  • There are mechanical bumpers that are mostly in front of the robot when it touches a wall or an obstacle
  • There are also proximity sensors that are either infrared or ultrasound

2. Not Falling Off A Staircase

  • For this specific task, the robotic cleaner has surface sensors under the robot that detect the absence of surface.

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