Mistreat Vacuum Cleaners

Have You Made One of these 6 BIG MISTAKES With Your Vacuum?
Do You Want to Learn How to Take Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner More Effectively? Discover 6 TOP Tips to Make Sure Your Vacuum Cleaner Stays in Tip Top Shape for Longer. Read On…

It can easily happen that you mistreat your vacuum cleaner, especially after getting home after a tedious day at work to find your kids playing around the mess they’ve made on the floors.

Well, if you have someone to help you out or own a best vacuum cleaner, then taking care of that mess will be easy.


If you’ve been mistreating your hoover and somehow damaged it, you can’t get rid of that disarray the easy way.

It’ll probably take you two hours to clean up manually, and you’ll eventually end up feeling worse than when you came home.

But where to start?

Through this article, you’ll discover:

    Let me tell you this:

    Vacuums typically stick with their users through thick and thin.

    The way you try so hard to make your nanny happy or treat your phone like your most valuable asset is the same way you need to take care of the hoover.

    So that it can swoop in and suck up the worst messes right when you need it to.

    That said…

    Whether you own a robotic, cordless, canister, or a bagless vacuum, there are several things you shouldn’t do to your sweeper. Here are some but a few:


    #01. Vacuum Over Hard Objects

    When you’re too tired to bend over and pick up things.

    You might get tempted to run your vacuum over the pennies and small rocks on your floor rather than stooping over to pick them up.

    In any case, it seems so harmless, right?

    Well, you see…

    You’re wrong. It’s one of the gravest mistakes you’ll ever make.

    These hard objects can cause severe damage to your device and its interior, or they can become lodged inside areas that’ll be challenging to remove them from.

    Of course…

    It might be true that it won’t ruin your vacuum every time, but that one time will be more than enough to force you to buy miele vacuum.

    Therefore, to be on the safe side, even when you’re too tired, avoid the risk and pick up those objects manually.

    It’ll save you hundreds of dollars!

    #02. Vacuum Over Water

    Another vacuuming ‘mustn’t do’ is running it over water.

    While it might seem harmless, standard vacuum cleaners aren’t designed to pick up water.

    Here’s why:

    If you get tempted to run the device over a pile of water, then you run the risk of getting electrocuted or cause severe damage to your machine.

    Even if you don’t end up electrocuted, or possibly ruin the hoover, you’ll have a revolting mess on your hands when you empty the dirt bag or bin later on.

    To tell you more….

    There are wet or dry vacuums that are uniquely designed to handle picking up water without risking your life or damaging the sweeper.

    They’re also relatively cheap and can be an excellent addition when you need to vacuum water or liquid up.

    However, when it comes to regular hoovers, make sure that you avoid water at all costs.

    #03. Let the Vacuum Cleaner Run Overfilled

    If you own a bagged vacuum, then you know that when the dirt fills up, you need to throw away the bag.

    If you, for whatever reason, opt not to empty the dustbin,1  then the performance of the vacuum will be drastically worse.

    To add to that:

    You also run the danger of overheating and destroying your sweeper.

    If you notice that the vacuum device doesn’t offer adequate suction power, then you’ll need to check the bin or bag first before you check other features.

    Most of the time, throwing the dirt and dust away can make a significant difference in how excellent your hoover will be at cleaning your floors.

    #04. Vacuum Over Those Pesky Electric Cords

    Vacuum cleaner cords are very robust and able to endure some trauma.

    However, when you run over a hoover with a spinning brush2  over an electrical cable, then you risk damaging it. The same motion that forces the dust and debris up into your device can fray or ruin the exterior of the cable.

    With time, even the most secure cords will start to show damage, thus making them unsafe to use around your home.

    #05. Throw it out because it Lacks Enough Suction

    Perhaps your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work as quickly, or it isn’t picking up the dirt the way it used to.

    If you end up assuming that it’s old and you need to replace it, there’s a chance that you might be thinking wrong.

    First of all…

    You need to check the dirt bag, or on a bagless vacuum, the dust cup. There are times that a full or nearly full vacuum will function very poorly.

    If emptying the dirt bins or dust cups doesn’t help, then you need to check if there’s any blockage in your hoover.

    Here’s how you do that:

    You have to unplug your appliance and conduct some detective work. Firstly, you have to check the hose. 

    Is it blocked?

    What about the openings where the tube goes into your vacuum cleaner?

    Is the brush roll turning as freely, or are there some hairs and strings from your carpet built up and require to be removed?

    You also have to remember that you have to take care of your hoover at all times, and it’ll be running like it’s brand new.


    #06. Assume that the Motor’s Damaged

    Sometimes the vacuum cleaner can suddenly overheat and turn itself off.

    When this occurs, most people assume that it’s the end of their high-quality vacuum.


    There are some ways to get your machine back in working order.

    You should try checking if the dirt bag is full or if there’s hair or fibres wrapped around the machine’s brush roll, thus causing it to overheat.

    If that’s so, you need to fix these problems and check for any clogs then turn the vacuum back on.

    You’ll be surprised that most times, that will be all you need to fix the issue and get your machine back to business.


    You need to know that some vacuums feature a manual reset button. In such cases, you need to refer to your manufacturer for guidelines to reset your machine.

    Moreover, maintaining the hoover daily will prevent this issue from happening.

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    In Conclusion

    Your vacuum cleaner might be the most versatile machine in your cleaning arsenal, but that doesn’t mean that it should suck up all your messes.

    It might be tempting to give some household dilemmas a quick back and forth, but you’ll end up regretting later.

    Avoid taking unnecessary risks and mistreating your vacuum cleaner, and your machine will reward you with excellent service.

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