The Best Air Purifiers & Vacuum Cleaner Reviews



Your Guide to Air Purifiers & Vacuum Cleaners

We’ve selected the top air purifiers & vacuum cleaners to make your choice easier. So say goodbye to allergies, second-hand smoke, dust and pet hair.

The Best Specialized Vacuum Cleaners

Finding the right vacuum cleaner can be a difficult prospect. The first step to choosing the perfect one is to identify which of the 6 main types of vacuum you need.

If you have pets, you should be looking for the best vacuum for pet hair. These vacuum cleaners have been specifically identified as being effective at cleaning pet dander and will also help with reducing allergies if you or a family member are allergic to pets.

Upright vacuum cleaners are a popular choice for people with limited back mobility and for larger open areas such as hallways. Finding the best upright vacuum can be an easy choice if you have a look at our top performers.

Canister vacuums are the traditional choice for most households as they offer powerful suction making cleaning faster and are easy to store but it’s still important to understand which of the hundreds of options is the best canister vacuum for you.

Cordless vacuum cleaners (often referred to as hoovers or stick vacuums) have become popular for more specific uses such as cleaning upholstery or smaller rooms. They are cord-free and hassle-free, simple to use and easy to store. We can help you find the best cordless vacuum

Finding the best handheld vacuum is a great addition to your home as it’s smaller size makes it the perfect choice for cleaning places that a normal vacuum can’t reach. It’s also lightweight making it easy to use for small jobs.

Robot vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular as the tech has improved and the thought of having your floors cleaned without having to do any of the work is irresistible. We review the best robot vacuum cleaners for you have a look at.

For more information best vacuum cleaners please check our article on the Best Vacuum Cleaners, and also make sure to read our guide on the Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors.

Vacuum Cleaners

The top vacuum cleaners you’ve been looking for.

Miele C3 Alize

Miele C3 Alize

Dyson V8 Cord-Free

Dyson V8 Absolute

Miele Compact C1

Miele Classic C1

Finding the Right Air Purifier

Finding the Right Air Purifier

Choosing the right air purifier requires some research as there are different types with some working better in different situations or fulfilling a different function.

The best ionic purifier works as air filter using negatively charged ions to attract dust, dander and other air impurities to collection places within the machine.

A HEPA air purifier works by using a mechanical HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter to force air through a fine mesh which traps harmful particles including pollen, pet dander, dust mites and smoke. Many high quality air purifiers use a HEPA filter and we review our top choices.

If you’re looking for the purifier for mold, we’ve rated our favorites that remove mold spores and odor from the air and they help improve air quality.

The best smoke air purifiers are effective at getting rid of the smell of cigarette, cigar and fire smoke odors. Most air purifiers are not specifically designed for smoke, so having a look at our top choices is a good place to start.

For more information on the Air purifiers that are best for allergies please refer to our guide on the Best Air Purifiers For Allergies.

We have more in-depth buying guides. Make sure to read our guide on the Best Air Purifiers, Best Air Purifiers For Dust, or our detailed article on the Best Commercial Air Purifiers.

The Top Air Purifier Brands

Therapure air purifiers have a reputation as being reliable and good quality. We review the best therapure air purifiers looking specifically at their build quality, how effective they are and whether they offer good value.

A Honeywell air purifier is a perennially popular choice as they offer good quality at an affordable price point. Have a look at some of the top models to see if they match what you are looking for.

We’ve reviewed the best holmes air that will be effective for allergy sufferers and asthmatics as well as helping to reduce (or even eliminate) smoke.

Air Purifiers

The top air purifiers you’ve been looking for.

IQAir Health Pro Plus

Iqair health pro plus

Rabbit Air MinusA2

Rabbit Air Minusa Ultra Quiet Hepa

Winix PlasmaWave

Winix Plasma Wave

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