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Do You Know How to Use All the Features of Your Vacuum?
Are You Using ALL the Features Your Vacuum Cleaner Has to Offer? Discover 11 INCREDIBLE Features That Will Give You New Appreciation for Your Vacuum. Keep Reading…

Technology has paved the way for several outstanding innovations in the household sector, and one of the most notable inventions is the vacuum cleaner.

Throughout the years, these appliances have continued seeing vital advancements, and today there’s a myriad of options offering you better services and outstanding features, thus making your life easier. 

But where to start?

Through this article, you’ll discover:


    If you’re still yanking that fossil-like hoover around, you might want to consider upgrading to the robotic or bagless options that offer convenience on a silver platter.

    Typically, suction is the name of the game when it comes to best value vacuum cleaner.

    However, sometimes, you might want a little fun (and fresh, clean air) with a ten-minute parade around the living room or bedroom.

    Lucky for you, modern vacs offer you more than the capability of annihilating dust bunnies and coaxing dog hair from your shaggy carpets.

    That said…

    Here are some innovative and useful vacuum cleaner features that you should consider when purchasing your next device.


    #01. On/Off Switch for Brush Roll

    It’s one of the most outstanding features in vacuums.

    While the brush roll1  is incredible when you’re vacuuming carpets, it can cause severe damage to the hardwood floors and some rugs, like the soft carpets.

    Want to know more?

    Having the power to turn off the brush roll is an incredible option since it increases the usability of the hoover, while also saving you from having to run for another vacuum.

    To achieve this, most manufacturers featured a button or lever that you can use to turn the brush roll on or off, depending on your needs.

    With time, more vacuum cleaner companies have gone to embrace this idea, and today, more and more upright vacuums have started having this option, even though some of the low-cost hoovers don’t have that.

    #02. Retractable Cord

    The retractable cord2  is more common on the canister or smaller upright vacuums than full-sized upright vacs.

    Think about it:

    A retractable cord gives you the freedom to let the cord automatically retract into the device. So, if you’re not a fan of rolling up a cable, this is an option you’ll want to consider.

    You also have to remember that most vacuums that feature the retractable cords usually have a slightly shorter cable than other vacuums.

    So it would be wise to factor that into your decision and check the cord length to be sure.

    #03. Electric Hose

    It’s a vital feature, especially if you own a canister vacuum cleaner.

    The accessories for a canister vac are usually either air-powered or electric powered.

    To tell you more…

    Electrically powered attachments are more powerful and swift at cleaning, but for them to work effectively, the hose itself must be electric to offer power to the electric accessories.


    For effective cleaning and powerful suction, you should consider looking for an electric hose and electric attachments.


    #04. Telescoping Wand

    Telescoping wands are mostly featured on upright or canister vacuums.

    They allow the wand to extend, thus offering added length to your cleaning ability.

    It’s especially incredible for ceilings, curtains, ceiling fans, and other window treatments.

    No wonder…

    With this feature is becoming more and more popular, more vacuum cleaner brands and models are providing their consumers with a telescoping wand.

    So, if you need it, make sure that you look for a sweeper that comes with it.

    #05. Cordless

    Cordless vacuums are mostly small and compact devices like handheld vacs or stick vacuum.

    Some come with wall chargers or base chargers depending on where you store the vacuum to charge in between uses.

    What does this mean for you?

    The charge on these vacuums isn’t usually very long since they’re designed for those quick clean-ups or to clean tiny spaces.

    Cordless vacs are all about convenience and being able to take the vacuum wherever you need it without worrying about the cord.

    So, if you’re looking to get a hoover for your car upholstery,3  this is your best bet.

    #06. Crevice Tool

    The crevice tool is perfect for vacuuming inside upholstered furniture, under the large pieces of furniture, in corners, and along all the edges in your home.

    It’s usually tapered to a skinny end that allows you to vacuum those small areas effortlessly.

    To add to that…

    The crevice tool is also fantastic for cleaning inside your car.

    So, if you feel that you need it, ensure that you put it on your ‘vital vacuum cleaner attachments list.’

    #07. Dusting Brush

    Dusting brushes are designed with angled bristles that allow you to sweep and force dust into the hose.

    They’re ideal devices for vacuuming those hard surfaces, delicate spots, and your upholstery.


    #08. Upholstery Tool

    An upholstery device is a fantastic attachment to use on your curtains, drapes, and other window treatments.

    It’s also ideal for when you’re vacuuming sturdy upholstery and mattresses.

    These tools don’t often have any bristles, but they may have a textured edging designed to enable unrestricted airflow while still offering movement along the surface, depending on the manufacturer.

    #09. Variable Power Setting

    The variable power setting is often more reserved for high-end vacuums.

    It gives you the chance or power to select the level of suction depending on the type of surface you need to vacuum.

    If you need to clean delicate surfaces such as rugs, then a lower level of power and suction would be your best option.

    From my own experience…

    Having the option of customising the power setting is a nice feature, especially if you have any concerns about the more delicate spots in your home that you need to vacuum.

    #10. Full-Container Indicator

    The full-container indicator warns you when the canister or dust cup is full and needs emptying.

    The accumulation of dust and debris to overflowing capacity decreases the functionality of your vacuum cleaner.

    This is a great reason why you need to replace the dust bags regularly and empty the canisters once they’re full.

    Think about it:

    Even though some bagless vacuums feature a transparent design that helps you notice when the bag is full, other hoovers have this indicator to notify you.

    #11. Carpet Height Adjustment

    The carpet height adjustment feature allows you to adjust the height of your vacuum’s brush roll.

    When the height is too low, you can effortlessly change it so that there’s easy movement when you’re cleaning. 

    When the height setting is too high, on the other hand, you can easily lower it so that you can clean your carpets efficiently.

    It’s an automatic attachment in some vacuums, but the manual model is more accurate since it provides you with more control over the height.

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    In Conclusion

    Before you walk into any vacuum cleaner retailer or subscribe to an online store, you need to have a look at a complete buying guide that guides you to look at different vacuum cleaner features on what you need to clear the messes in your home effectively.

    Other than the brand that most people love, features, accessories, ease of use, and reviews are some of the additional key points that you’ll need to review to get that perfect vacuum for your home.  

    Cleaning shouldn’t be drudgery, so be sure to shop smart!

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