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20 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Get an Air Purifier
If you’re wondering if you should get an air purifier as well, read on. We’re here to tell you how you can save your life and the lives of your loved ones today!
20 Scientific Reasons You Need an Air Purifier Today

20 Scientific Reasons You Need an Air Purifier Today

Let’s look into the 20 most common reasons people have for getting one of these bad boys.

#1.   Watch Out! Your Health Might Be in Jeopardy!

The problem is with airborne pollutants.

They’re invisible, and you don’t know what effect they may have on your health in the long term.

Cigarettes, lead, and arsenic, as well as gas, haven’t been recognized by government regulators as part of the wide-ranging health issues airborne chemicals cause daily.

Let me tell you something.

Only 25% of the 82,000 chemicals found in the U.S. have been tested for their effects on the health and well-being of humans.

Because of this, air purifiers are as important as healthy eating, exercising, and clean water to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you.

Air Pollutants

#2.   Your Home Sweet Home Could Be Killing You!

The walls and homes we use to shelter and protect us from the nasty elements can also be a trap for airborne chemicals, gases, odors, and health-threatening particles.

Simply put…

The EPA determined that our homes may contain air that is 2 – 5 times, sometimes 100 times more polluted and threatening than outdoor air!

Add in a cozy fireplace, and you have a winner for decreased indoor air quality!

Kid's Health

#3.   Beware Parents or Parents-to-Be!

Preventing your baby from getting early chemical exposure is very important.

Many researchers now believe that disease or illness in infants is on-going and may take years to turn into a more serious disease from its earliest stages.


If a fetus or a newborn baby gets exposed to a cancer-causing toxin from early on, they’ll have an increased risk of getting a disease in the future – due to having more time to evolve.

Your Baby at Home

#4.   A Dangerous Future Lies Ahead for the New Generation

Your kid’s body is constantly developing, and it doesn’t work as your body does.

Your kid’s metabolism is underdeveloped and immature. It can’t get rid of chemicals as efficiently as your adult body can.

Therefore, they’re much more vulnerable to air pollution and its dangerous effects.

Listen up!

Hundreds of children are suffering from allergies and asthma as well, which are increased and aggravated or triggered by dangerous airborne particles, dust mites, and chemicals. Are your kids heading for their doom?


#5.   The Older You Are, the More Danger You Face…

Let’s face it.

Older bodies don’t work as well as they used to. So, it’s essential to have a constant flow of clean air by using purifiers and ones with HEPA filters specifically.

It’s just as important as eating a healthy diet because it helps to maintain health, it allows you to stay active, and it promotes longevity.

Old Man

#6.   You’re Killing Yourself Slowly with Modern Habits

It’s so ironic that so many of your products that make our lives easier are slowly killing our health.

Things like dry cleaning our clothes, plastic, flame retardants, non-stick surfaces, stain-resistant materials, pesticides, chemical cleaning products, personal hygiene products, appliances, etc., are all producing chemicals and toxins in your home.

You can keep your TV and couch but purchase purifiers as well.


#7.   Stop Coughing & Sneezing Your Head Off!


Oh, that familiar dreaded feeling… It might not come as a surprise to you, but they’re aggravated by airborne particles such as dust, pollen, dust mites, and dander.

Airborne chemicals from your cleaning products, flooring, and furniture also cause allergies.


Only an air purifier with pounds of activated carbon and a HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of indoor air pollution and harmful airborne chemicals. 

It might even be a good idea to get portable air purifiers if your allergies are serious, to get rid of pollen while you’re out and about1.

Allergy Attack

#8.   Is Asthma Making Your Swearword Dictionary Grow by the Day?

Asthma causes your respiratory system to be compromised.

Therefore, air purifiers are a must-have tool in any treatment program. Air purifiers with pre-filters and a HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of all allergens.

You can also get a deep-bed carbon filter that will get rid of all airborne chemicals, gases, and odors, which can aggravate and trigger an asthma attack.


#9.   Your City Will Murder You in Your Sleep!

Heavy traffic that occurs in the city you’re in, and factory emissions can make dangerously fine particles that penetrate into your body.

There’s research proving that short-term exposure to higher levels of this type of pollution can lead to a higher risk of death and heart problems.

Prolonged exposure decreases your overall life expectancy by 1.8 to 3.1 years. Purifiers are great at decreasing that risk for you, especially those with HEPA filters.

London Traffic

#10. “911, What’s Your Emergency?”

Forest fires and volcanoes can create massive volumes of air pollution and air quality problems2.

The pollution involves fine particles and chemicals, gases, and foul odors.

Only purifiers with pounds of activated carbon and HEPA filtration can protect you effectively from these specific types of airborne pollutants.

Forest Fire

#11. If You’re OCD, You’re Still in Danger!

Even if you’re a perfectionist with the cleanest home in the whole world, your indoor air quality can still be poor and disgusting. Crazy, right?

Simply put…

Most cleaning agents and materials or products in your home off-gas small amounts of chemicals.

Unfortunately, they can’t go away or be removed with an air freshener.

You need HEPA filtration or carbon filters, at least!

Families all over the world need to be aware of this!

Good housekeeping isn’t good enough to keep families healthy…

Always Cleaning

#12. Are Your Green Fingers Giving Your Health Problems?

Gardens, mulches, trees, and luscious lawns are all sources for mold spores that go into the air around your home.

These spores then go into your home and trigger allergic reactions or worsen your asthma.

Get a filtration system in your bedroom. There are many types of filters to choose from and live a healthier life.


#13. Your Immune System Needs You Right Now!

You can boost your immune system with an indoor air purifier in your bedroom and your children’s bedroom.

When your immune system is weakened, it can’t rid your body of toxins as effectively as healthy immune systems can. Infections and viruses floating around your bedroom are then more dangerous to your well-being.

Why You Need an Air Purifier

#14. Surrounded by Huffing & Puffing All Day Every Day?

SO, you’re living with a smoker, or your neighbors are smoking away next door.

Besides the odor, smoke also contains over 4,000 chemical compounds and a minimum of 11 known human carcinogens.

Let me tell you…

That’s not something you want in any bedroom of the house! 

Only air cleaners with many pounds of activated carbon can trap these dangerous chemicals and odors effectively, as well as HEPA filtration.

Secondhand Smoke

#15. Who Let the Dogs Out?!

Here’s how you can remove airborne pet hair, dander, and odor from your bedroom.

Get an air cleaner!

This will also help your pets to breathe in clean indoor air. Like children, our pets are naturally more susceptible to the effects of poor indoor air.

They tend to spend more time indoors and are also closer to the floor where dust, toxins, and airborne chemicals collect.

Dog Allergies

#16. Mold-Myth BUSTED!

Water damage can cause your body damage too!

Disgusting water stains aren’t the only consequence of water damage you should be worried about.

The mold that comes with it is super harmful to you and your household!

Many people are unaware of mold consequences. It releases particles and chemical mycotoxins into your house, causing indoor air pollution.

Depending on how high the level of exposure is, you can experience allergic reactions and even serious illness.


#17. And I Would Walk 500 Miles

So, the day has come to move house, and the new house you’re moving to is an old one.

How does this affect you?

Well, many materials and furnishings that go into a newly constructed home give off small amounts of chemicals, continuing to do so into the future as well—not even mentioning old homes!

You’ll definitely want an air cleaner present before you move in as well as while you’re moving in.

Let me tell you:

You don’t want to be breathing in someone else’s dust particles and dirty air, do you?

In the past, homes were more porous and allowed for more natural ventilation.

However, the dust that goes into the air while moving furniture out can be dangerous to your health.


Newly built homes are air-tight, which allows more air pollution to be trapped inside them, so you’ll also need an air cleaner for that type of air.

Old House

#18. Face-lifting Your Home Shouldn’t be Harmful to Your Health, Should It?

Renovations, as most people know, are insanely chaotic!

With renovations, there’ll evidently be many indoor pollutants in the air, from small to larger particles.

Materials like paint, new carpets or floors, wallpaper, wood furniture, glues, and varnishes all release chemicals which may have dangerous short- and long-term health complications for you.

Renovation in Progress

#19. Je Suis L’Artiste, Non?

Well, don’t worry about the title.

Even if you’re simply painting and creating art as a hobby, it still releases airborne toxins and suspected carcinogens due to the paint and paint cleaners, etc.

Or maybe…

Your partner is the artist, and you’re breathing in the artistic juices in the form of air pollution.

You still need an air purifier to get rid of those harmful fumes right away! Immédiatement!

The Artist

#20. Are You Quarantining with Your Boss on Zoom?

Many people working from home, especially now with the pandemic and COVID-19, are unaware of the air pollution they’re breathing in daily.

Computers, printers, and fax machines all give off low levels of chemicals which are easily inhaled.


This inhaling of constant low-level chemicals can be harmful to your health, not to mention your concentration required during work hours!

Working From Home

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In Conclusion

Air purifiers can combat all your daily habits and living space so that it’s not killing you slowly.

Get one today and make your lungs happy! You deserve it.

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