51 Scary Smoking Statistics That Will Set You Straight

Are You Ready to Kick The Smoking Habit to The Curb With These 51 Stats?
Did You Know Smoking Is the Leading Cause of Preventable Deaths Worldwide? These 51 Smoking Stats Will Teach You Why to Nip Nicotine Use in the Butt. Keep Reading…

If you’re still debating whether or not to give up cigarettes, reconsider.

While you may believe that this is a problem that can be dealt with later, the data suggests that time is not on your side.

But where to start?

Through this article, you’ll discover:

    While quitting smoking should always be viewed as a good step toward a longer and better life, it’s also critical to grasp the repercussions of inaction.

    You’ll be able to make a more informed decision and take the necessary actions to finally stop the habit.

    These numbers speak for themselves.

    #01. There Are Currently 1.3 Billion Smokers in the World

    According to the World Health Organization1, there are 1.3 billion smokers in the world today. 

    If current trends continue, the population of the world will reach 1.6 billion by 2025.

    smoking together

    #02. On Average, Smoking Will Cut 13 Years From Your Life Expectancy

    Smoking reduces your life expectancy by 13 years on average. If you have HIV2, your lifespan will be extended to 16 years.

    #03. Lung Cancer Is Not the Only Malignancy You Can Get From Smoking

    Smoking is linked to a variety of cancers, including lung cancer.

    The bladder, blood, bone marrow, cervix, colon, esophagus, kidneys, larynx3, liver, mouth, pancreas, rectum, stomach, and throat are among the others.

    #04. 80% Of the World’s Smokers Live in Low & Medium-Income Countries

    Smoking is a problem that disproportionately affects the poor. In fact, low and middle-income countries account for 80% of the world’s smokers.

    #05. Every Year, Tobacco Kills Almost 8 Million People

    Tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year, which equates to one death from smoking every five seconds.

    That’s a million more deaths than are caused by HIV, TB4, and malaria combined each year.

    smoking dead

    #06. A Cigar’s Nicotine Concentration Can Range From 100 Milligrams to 400 Milligrams

    The nicotine content of a normal cigarette might range from 8 to 9 mg.

    A cigar’s nicotine level, on the other hand, can range from 100 milligrams to 400 milligrams.

    #07. According to 2019 Smoking Statistics, There Were 6.9 Million Smokers in the UK That Year

    According to reports, 14.1% of adult UK nationals smoke cigarettes.

    When compared to 2011 data, smoking statistics by year from the UK’s most recent Annual Population Survey show that rates have been improving.

    #08. Around 10 Million Cigarettes Are Bought Every Minute Around the World.

    Every year, around 10 million cigarettes are purchased per minute, 15 billion per day, and upwards of six trillion are produced and consumed worldwide.

    buying cigarettes

    #09. If 5 Cigarettes Are Consumed Whole, There Is Enough Nicotine To Kill an Average Adult

    Five cigarettes have enough nicotine to kill an average adult if consumed whole.

    Most smokers inhale 1 to 2 milligrams of nicotine every cigarette, 0.03 milligrams of which is absorbed into the circulation.

    #10. Chances of Coronary Heart Disease & Stroke Are Increased by Smoking

    Smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, in addition to cancer.

    #11. Men Account For 35% Of Smokers Globally, Whereas Women Account For Only 6%

    According to tobacco user statistics, every fifth of adults in the world smokes tobacco.

    However, there are considerable gender differences, with men having far greater rates than women. Some countries, however, are exceptions.

    In Sweden and Denmark, for example, there is no gender difference in smoking rates.

    In addition, in Nauru, a Micronesian island nation, 43% of women smoke, compared to only 37% of men.

    male smoking

    #12. According To Smoking Death Figures, There Could Be 2,500,000 Female Fatalities per Year by 2030

    In nine years, female mortality from cigarettes could grow by another million deaths, compared to the existing scenario (1,500,000 women dying from tobacco each year).

    According to studies, the vast majority of women who die as a result of cigarette smoking are from developing countries.

    #13. Patients With Behavioural Health Disorders Are 2–3 Times More Likely to Smoke

    Nicotine addiction is more common in people who have mental health problems.

    According to nicotine statistics, patients with depression have a 59 percent greater rate of smoking than persons who have never had a mental illness.

    Patients with psychotic diseases, such as schizophrenia, have an even greater smoking rate.

    #14. Manual Labourers in the UK Use 2.5 Times More Tobacco Than Non-Manual Workers

    As previously indicated, smokers’ socioeconomic5 conditions are very indicative of their tobacco use frequency.

    A person’s career, in addition to their wealth, is another category that is predictive of smoking.

    Over 25% of regular and manual workers (craftsmen, truck drivers, hotel and bar personnel, and so on) smoke, compared to 10% of non-manual workers (architects, lawyers, teachers, and so forth).

    manual laborers

    #15. When Compared to Nonsmokers, Smoking a Pack a Day More Than Doubles Your Risk of Heart Attack

    There is a definite relation between how much you smoke and your chance of getting cardiovascular diseases, according to smoking and heart disease statistics.

    #16. Lung Cancer Is Responsible For 80–90% of Lung Cancer Cases

    Even after 25 years of abstinence from smoking, the consequences of smoking can linger and increase the risk of lung cancer.

    Following that, statistics on smoking and lung cancer show that smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer.

    On the plus side, stopping smoking reduces your risk of developing this disease by roughly 39% after five years if you are a heavy smoker.

    #17. Male Smokers Are Twice as Likely as Nonsmokers To Have Erectile Dysfunction

    According to smoking facts, smoking impairs blood flow to all regions of the body, including the genitals.

    As a result, a man’s ability to obtain and maintain an erection is hampered.

    Furthermore, because erectile dysfunction is still a taboo subject, many men resort to self-medication, such as the use of testosterone boosters.

    If, on the other hand, your problem is caused by smoking, you should consider quitting, as your circulation will improve in two to twelve weeks.

    #18. People Who Vape Have a 34% Higher Risk of Having a Heart Attack

    You’re still at risk if you vape. People who vape are 34% more likely to have a heart attack than those who don’t.


    #19. If You Smoke, You’re Twice as Likely To Die From a Stroke

    Furthermore, statistics on smoking show that a smoker is three to four times more likely to have a stroke, with smoking accounting for up to 10% of all stroke cases worldwide.

    Our comprehensive article will teach you how to spot the warning signs of a stroke.

    #20. Tobacco Users Are Entitled to Premiums That Are up to 50% Greater Than Non-Tobacco Users

    Given a large number of smokers, many insurance firms recognize that a tobacco rating may dissuade tobacco users and businesses from purchasing individual and group health insurance from them.

    This is why they maintain their tobacco rating below the maximum allowed of 50%.

    #21. According To Smoking Facts, Smoking Has an Impact on Our Look

    The effects of smoking on our bodies are devastating, but they also emerge on the outside.

    It can, for example, cause dark circles under your eyes, warts, stretch marks, double your chance of cataracts by 22%, yellow your teeth, make your complexion greyish, and even thin your hair.

    #22. According To Smoking Data, Smokers Are Four Times Less Likely To Get Coronavirus

    It may seem strange, given the fact that smoking harms the lungs.

    Whatever the case may be, those are the findings of a comprehensive investigation conducted by the Pasteur Institute, a famous French research institute.

    Following that, nicotine patches may be supplied to health personnel and patients in France for additional research.

    #23. When a Car Accident Occurs, 14% Of Persons Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana Have a Child in the Car

    According to several recent police reports from states where marijuana is legal, the legalization of marijuana may be to blame for the steep increase in the number of auto accidents.

    In comparison to neighboring states where marijuana is still illegal, the number of crashes increased by about 6%.

    car accident

    #24. Lung Cancer Can Also Be Caused by Things Other Than Tobacco

    Although data on smoking and cancer are frequently presented together, many other environmental variables might cause illness.

    Exposure to radon, air pollution, secondhand smoking, asbestos, diesel exhaust, or other chemicals are examples of these.

    While you may not be able to prevent all of these variables, you may always try to quit smoking.

    #25. Smoking Is Responsible For 80% Of Cases of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a lung inflammatory disease that causes severe breathing difficulties.

    While statistics show that smoking is a leading cause of COPD death, other risks include heredity, lung irritant exposure such as secondhand smoke, poverty, chronic bronchitis, asthma history, and so on.

    #26. Smoking Has Been Proven To Cause Sleep Disturbances

    Surprisingly, smoking has an effect on your sleeping patterns.

    According to a recent study, smokers have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep. They are also more likely to have sleep disturbances.

    cant sleep

    #27. According to a Chinese Study, Persons Who Have Smoked Previously Have a 14-Fold Increased Risk of COVID Worsening

    The study focused on persons who had COVID-19 and were admitted to the hospital owing to pneumonia.

    People who smoke are more prone to acquire COPD, blood vessel, and heart illnesses, according to smoking facts, placing them at risk for difficulties.

    #28. 90% Benzene Exposure Will Come From Cigarettes

    A prominent cause of acute myeloid leukemia is benzene. Cigarette smoke is, unsurprisingly, the main source of benzene.

    Cigarettes are responsible for 90% of benzene exposure in smokers.

    #29. Each Year, 1.2 Million People Die as a Result of Secondhand Smoke All Over the World

    Secondhand smoke is responsible for 1.2 million of the 8 million smoking-related deaths documented each year in the world.

    Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a safe level of secondhand smoke exposure.

    second hand smoke

    #30. Using Marijuana on a Daily Basis Could Reduce Your IQ by 8 Points

    Smoking weed facts and data from a 1,000-person study reveal that individuals who have smoked marijuana regularly since they were teenagers have lost an IQ point.

    The study participants took IQ tests as teenagers and then retook them in their late thirties.

    Meanwhile, smoking statistics over time revealed that they smoked pot on a daily basis.

    #31. Every Day, Approximately 1,600 Teenagers Take Their First Cigarette

    Despite the fact that fewer young adults are smoking cigarettes these days, approximately 1,600 adolescents try their first cigarette every day.

    Every day, it is believed that almost 200 young people start smoking.

    #32. Smoking-Related Disease Kills One Out of Every 13 Children

    According to statistics, 5.6 million children will die as a result of a smoking-related ailment in their lifetime. This equates to one out of every thirteen children.

    #33. Only 20% Of the World’s Population Is Protected by Smoking Laws

    Smoking regulations protect only 20% of the world’s population, especially in high-income countries.

    no smoking

    #34. Approximately 6 Million Adults Over the Age of 18 Use Electronic Nicotine Inhalation Devices

    These are small, battery-operated devices that people use to inhale an aerosol that often, but not always, contains nicotine.

    Chemicals, as well as several flavoring possibilities, are included in the devices, making them even more appealing to younger folks who are unaware of the dangers of cigarettes.

    #35. 55.1% of Adult Attempted To Quit Smoking

    Individuals have become more tobacco aware as a result of the high number of people who die from cigarettes each year and the abundance of frightening statistics about smoking that are freely available online.

    As a result, more than half of adult cigarette smokers attempted to quit.

    #36. Smokers Have a Greater COVID-19 Death Rate Than Nonsmokers

    These are the findings of eleven studies that looked at smoking and COVID-19 mortality and included 11,189 participants.

    To be more exact, smoking statistics from 2020 showed that smokers had a higher mortality rate (29.4%) than nonsmokers (17 %).

    #37. Marijuana Use Triples the Risk of Developing Psychosis

    According to the findings, over 1,200 European examinees without psychosis and 900 of those diagnosed with psychosis, those who used marijuana on a regular basis were three times more likely to have psychotic episodes and receive a diagnosis.

    marijuana smoke

    #38. Globally, the Number of Cigarettes Smoked Is Declining

    Many smokers, on the other hand, are simply substituting heated tobacco and vaping for cigarettes.

    While these activities are regarded to be safer, there is yet no clear study on the hazards of e-cigarettes.

    #39. 74.7% Of All Cigarette Marketing Is on Discounts to Merchants

    Retailers of all cigarette marketing receive a 74.7% discount. These are discounts given to customers in order to lower the cost of cigarettes.

    #40. Active Smokers Have a 40% Higher Risk of Diabetes

    Active smokers have a 40% greater probability of developing diabetes than non-smokers.

    Furthermore, active smoking makes it more difficult to control and treat the disease.

    #41. 7.5% Who Tried Quitting Smoking Succeeded

    Facts about smoking and tobacco that are freely available on the internet are revealing more and more about how many people smoke and what it does to the majority of them.

    This makes smokers more alert, and they try to stop in order to escape the destiny of a big percentage of individuals who do so on a regular basis.

    More than 7 out of every 100 smokers who try to quit successfully.

    quit smoking

    #42. A Single Cigarette Contains Almost 4,800 Chemicals

    Over 4,800 chemicals are found in a single cigarette, with 69 of them known to cause cancer.

    There are nearly 7,000 compounds in secondhand smoking, including 70 cancer-causing compounds.

    #43. 20 More Persons Suffer From at Least One Severe Illness as a Result of Smoking

    For every person who dies as a result of a smoking-related disease, 20 more people suffer from at least one major sickness as a result of smoking.

    #44. Almost 1.69 Billion Pounds of Butts End Up in Landfills

    Every year, almost 1.69 billion pounds of butts wind up as toxic waste, making cigarettes the most littered item on the planet.

    cigarettes litter

    #45. The Smoking-Related Deaths Are Highest In Scotland

    According to estimates from the governments of the devolved countries, smoking causes around 5,000 fatalities in Wales each year, 10,000 fatalities in Scotland, and 2,300 fatalities in Northern Ireland.

    Second-hand smoke can cause a variety of ailments, many of which are fatal, and children are particularly susceptible to the consequences of passive smoking.

    #46. Tobacco Prices Require High Tax Rises

    The tax hikes must be large enough to raise prices faster than income growth.

    Cigarette use reduces by roughly 4% in high-income nations and around 5% in low- and middle-income nations when tobacco prices are raised by 10%.

    #47. Only 0.4% of Nonsmokers Said They Vape Now

    Current cigarette smokers (15.5%) and ex-cigarette smokers had the highest proportion of vapers (11.7%). Only 0.4% of persons who have never smoked have admitted to vaping.

    #48. 64% Higher Risk of Shortened Lifespan for People Who Smoke

    People who smoke less than one cigarette each day throughout the course of their lives have a similar outlook.

    In other words, compared to people who have never smoked, they have a 64% higher risk of dying younger.

    There is no such thing as “smoking safely” or “moderately,” contrary to popular belief.


    #49. It Is Estimated That 1 in Every 10 Cigarettes & Tobacco Products Consumed Globally Is Illicit

    Globally, it is estimated that one out of every ten cigarettes and tobacco products consumed is illegal.

    Various participants, ranging from minor merchants to large tobacco businesses, as well as organized criminal networks involved in arms and human trafficking, support the illicit market.

    #50. Around 25% Of All Heart Disease Deaths and 75% Of Lung Disease Deaths Are Directly Attributed To Smoking

    Smoking is directly responsible for over 25% of all heart disease deaths and 75% of lung disease fatalities, regardless of the reason.

    #51. Half of All Countries Had Made No Progress in Reducing Uptake Among Young People

    According to the survey, half of all countries had made little progress in reducing uptake among 15- to 24-year-olds, and the average age at which someone began was 19 when it was legal in most locations.

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