ByPurify is a Chicago-based consultancy that brings homes into balance to create a safe and healthy living environment.

What We Do

For every step of the way, ByPurify is there

The way we live wreaks havoc on our mental and physical health. So many of us live in a state of chronic stress, which leads to health complications further down the road. And at the center of everything is your home.
Your home should be a sanctuary, but there are factors in your living spaces that are actively working against you. From unnatural lighting that raises cortisol and decreases melatonin levels to compromised water and air quality that have proven health implications, there are several areas of risk that need to be addressed.
Building on proven science and ancient holistic medical principles, the team at ByPurify will help you identify sources of pollutants, toxins and chemicals in your home and take steps towards long-term health and sustainability.

Our Mission

Empower families to live cleaner so they can live better.
We believe that a purified environment is one of the foundations of a happy, healthy home.
A home where you are conscious of the air you breathe, the water you drink and the environment you create is one where you can thrive.

ByPurify Editorial Team

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Meet our founder

Hi, I’m Mark, founder of ByPurify. I got started thinking about conscious living around 15 years ago, and specifically the application of clean living to curating a home environment that would support this way of living.

I’ve written extensively on the changes that you can make to your home that support your health goals, and allow you to align your day-to-day life with bigger goals of a cleaner, more conscious life. 

My background is in home technology and my experience in this field, combined with a passion for home purification led to the establishment of ByPurify, a consultancy focused on helping others create a safe, supportive environment for your family.



Word From Our Customers

“My son has always suffered from allergies in the summertime, and I’m not a fan of medication. I read an article on By Purify about air filtration systems, and we installed one in our home. The site set us in the direction towards finding great natural solutions for allergies.”
Jennifer Davids
“I was so excited to learn about so many eco-friendly cleaning options when scrolling through By Purify. Thanks for all the great and easy-to-read information. Keep it up!”
Daniel Jefferson
“After I had quit smoking, I approached ByPurify to help me buy the most efficient smoke air purifier. ByPurify gave me insight on which filters to include in my purchase. The result was that I now have a home free of all smoke odours. I couldn’t be any happier and would recommend ByPurify.”
Ash Chadwick

In the News

Media Mentions & Coverage

We are pleased to say that our work has been mentioned in countless publications over the past few years, for those looking for the best advice on the market. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to make By Purify a success. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the content provided by our team, as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

How we Are Funded

Our Team’s Editorial Integrity is Never for Sale

At By Purify, we are proudly an independent publisher supported through advirtisements. We are compensated through placed features of sponsored products and links to Amazon.com, whom with which we are affiliated. This may impact the way we curate our products. Note that we do not include all available brands and products in the industry.  

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