Cleaning Your Air Filter Is Very Important To Your Health!

Do You Need to Clean Your Air Purifier Filter?
Is Your Air Filter Dirty & Requires Cleaning? Discover If You Can Wash the Filter or If It Needs Replacing. Follow These 7 QUICK Steps to Cleaning Your Air Filter Correctly!

Indoor air pollution is an issue every home struggles with.

Since 1970, and with air pollution becoming a global concern, most homes have implemented tighter measures to help them conserve energy and improve their air quality.

But where to start?

Through this article, you’ll discover:

    One of these vital measures is by investing in a reliable air purifier with cleanable or replaceable air filters. Make sure you know how to clean an air filter.

    It’s true!

    Air filters are incredible at trapping dust, pet dander, and other pollutants that trigger allergies and cause permanent harm to your respiratory system.

    Most homes today have several devices and systems that use air filters. One of these appliances is the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system).

    There are also the individual room heating and air systems, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, window air conditioners, oil diffusers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, and a range of goods that feature air filters that you need to clean or replace often.

    You might still be wondering, though…

    How often should I clean my air filters to ensure that my indoor air quality is up to standard?

    Cleaning Air Filter

    Cleaning Air Filters

    How Often Should You Clean Air Filters?

    According to experts, you need to clean or replace your air filters on a routine schedule. Most HVAC1  air filters need cleaning or replacement every two to three months.

    If you, however, live in dust-prone areas or with your pets, then you need to clean your filters regularly. 

    Here’s a trick:

    A simple way to tell if your air filters of any appliance require cleaning is by removing it from its location.

    You can then hold the filter up to a brightly lit window, and if you see the light coming through, you can use it for a bit longer.

    If no light comes through, then you need to clean your filter or replace it.

    Do You Need to Clean or Replace Your Air Filters?

    When should one replace the filter or entirely replace the air purifier or HVAC system?

    There are some dirty air filters that you can easily clean and return to the appliance, but there are some that cannot stand up to cleaning, and you need to replace them with a new filter.

    How can you decide what action is most appropriate?

    Well, let me tell you something….

    The market consists of a variety of air filter models.

    How Does an Air Purifier’s Ionizer Work?

    There are the disposable air filters designed for one-time use and they’re usually less costly than the washable air filters.

    Their frame is typically made of cardboard that won’t stand up to cleaning.

    Trying to clean a disposable filter will cause mating of the fibres, thus encouraging mould and mildew to grow, which will automatically reduce the effectiveness of your air filtration system. 

    Washable filters, on the other hand, feature metal, and plastic frames and are more eco-friendly2 . They, however, take more effort to maintain.  


    Owing to these facts, the best way you can determine what type of filter you can use is by consulting an appliance manual.

    It will walk you through how to clean or replace the filters and also give you suggestions on the schedule for changing or replacing filters so that your appliance can maintain optimum performance.

    On the other hand,

    If you don’t have the manual, then you can always consult the manufacturer’s website, which will provide you with advice on cleaning and replacement filters.

    What You Need

    What You Need

    Cleaning Supplies

    • Warm water
    • Liquid dish washing detergent

    Cleaning Tools

    • Water spritzer/sprayer
    • Sponge or soft brush
    • Vacuum
    • Drying cloth
    • Screwdriver (optional)
    • Stepladder
    Cleaning Washable Air Filter

    How to Clean a Washable Air Filter Effectively

    #1. Turn the Appliance Off

    Before you start the process of cleaning your air filter, ensure that the air purifier or HVA system is off.

    For small appliances, it’s recommended that you unplug the system to avoid any potential for electrical shock.

    If you leave your air purifier running when cleaning or replacing the air filter, it’ll draw excess dust into the fan and motor.

    #2. Open the Filter’s Cover

    Most air filter covers have latches that you can open to access the filter.

    However, some are attached with screws that you’ll need to remove with a screwdriver.

    Therefore, you need to ensure that you have your screwdriver closeby and that you put the screws in a secure place. If you’re working on an overhead HVAC system, use a robust stepladder.

    #3. Take the Filter Outside

    If the weather allows it, take the filter outside to start the cleaning process.

    Tap it lightly to get rid of any loose dust. You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose to clean both sides of the filter meticulously.

    #4. Dust It

    Since you have removed the bulk of the dust, move to a sink and hold the air filter under some warm water or try using the water spritzer to get rid of smaller dust particles.

    You can start at one side and work your way down the filer to ensure the dirty water runs off it and doesn’t deposit on the air filter.

    #5. Wash Away the Grime

    After examining the air filter and it looks dirty or feels sticky, make sure you mix a solution of warm water and a few drops of liquid dish washing soap.

    You can try to dip the sponge or soft brush into the solution and thoroughly clean the filter. When all is done, rinse the filter thoroughly to get rid of any soapy residue.

    #6. Dry the Filter

    After you’ve washed away all the grime, you need to ensure that you completely dry the filter with a soft and dry cloth/towel before reinserting it into your air purifier.

    If it’s possible, place your air filter outside or in front of a fan to make sure that it’s completely dry before reinserting it.

    As you wait for it to dry, you can clean the appliance or vent opening where you took out the air filter to eliminate any dust particles or cobwebs.

    #7. Change the Filter

    When you’re done, and the filter is clean, make sure you replace it into the appliance or vent.

    You should also remember to latch the opening safely and turn the air purifier or HVAC system back on.

    As scientists and eco-friendly companies try to figure out more effective ways to rid the environment of pollutants3.

    Ultimately, you need to be vigilant and take care of the only option you have right now – you air purifier systems.

    By cleaning and taking care of your air filter regularly, you can be a step closer to kicking out those allergies!

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    In Conclusion

    It’s no use having an air purifier, but the filter is dirty.

    This completely misses the point, and your air purifier won’t be effective at all!

    SO, always make sure you know how to clean an air filter so that your air can be filtered effectively.

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