How Often You Should Vacuum Your Carpets?

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Whether you’re rethinking your space or looking for a sense of levity, the landscape of your house has never mattered more. It’s the reason most people are opting to invest in carpeting rather than having bare tiled floors.

It doesn’t matter if you get the Victorian style carpets or just a simple soft carpet, rugs give your home an aesthetic feel. Moreover, thanks to technology, keeping these carpets free from pet dander, dust, and other dirt particulates can be effortless, with the right vacuum cleaner.

However, in as much as vacuums keep your rugs tidy, about 20% of those who vacuum their rugs daily say that some vacuums damage carpet fibers. It’s mostly because of the rotating beater bar in the device that pulls, stretches, and wears out your carpet fibers.

According to experts, though, while this might be true, dirt has more of a wear-and-tear-impact on your carpets and rugs than most vacuums do.

Be that as it may, one question lingers, how often should one vacuum their carpets to avoid any damaging effects?

Carpet Vacuuming

How to Vacuum Effectively

If you have the best vacuum for carpets with multiple settings that let you customize surfaces, you shouldn’t vacuum your carpet on the bare floor setting. Instead, you can use that for the bare floors and use the carpet setting for your rugs, as the vacuum’s instructions indicate.

You might also want to see if the sweeper has a height settings feature.  These settings can have a significant impact on how the hoover works or wears your carpet. If you set it too low, for instance, you may damage the rug or the vacuum’s roller brush1  and the drive belt.2  On the other hand, if you set your hoover too high, it won’t pick up any dust particles as efficiently.

If you’re, however, not sure how high or low you’re vacuuming, make sure you turn it on at the top-most setting and then lower it till you can feel the sweeper tugging at the rug.


How to Clean Your Carpet Efficiently

When it comes to vacuuming your carpets, there are some fundamental rules that you need to follow to the tee.

One of the most common rules is to avoid, at all costs, vacuuming over hard or massive objects. While it can be tempting, rocks, coins, and other materials can have irreversible damages to your vacuum cleaner, or they might get stuck in it.

It would be best if you also avoided running your device over water, letting it run with the dustbin3  over capacity or over that pesky electric cord.

Vacuums are expensive, and thus you need to treat them with care.

Therefore, when cleaning your carpet, ensure that you use a mix of these general guiding principles and the manufacturer’s instructions as well. 


How to Protect Your Carpet

To adequately safeguard your carpet and rugs, you need to vacuum entrance areas and the high traffic spots at least twice every week, and the rest of the carpeting weekly. Oily soils build upon themselves, and regular vacuuming ultimately gets rid of the soil build-up.

If you’re apprehensive about your carpet getting destroyed, you might want to consider buying a rug protecting spray. It’s efficient, and you can apply it on your carpet easily. However, you first need to check if your carpet is under any warranty. If it’s under one, you must avoid adding any cleaning products onto it as it can void the warranty entirely.

Another critical factor is to consider the material of the carpet. If you own a thick shaggy rug, you have to ensure that you’re more careful and that you clean it more frequently than your thinner and shorter carpets.

It’s because shaggy and thick carpets can hide dirt better than their shorter and thinner counterparts. Nevertheless, they’re more difficult and time-consuming to clean, so you need to allocate some time for proper deep cleaning.

Carpets are beautiful, and in as much as they make your home cozier and avant-garde, they’re very costly. Therefore, you need to be careful when cleaning them, more if you use an ash vacuum cleaner. Make sure you follow the above guidelines, and you’ll be sure to have your carpet for a long while.

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