The Best Canister Vacuum Reviews of 2021

Are You Looking for a Canister Vacuum?

We review the 10 most popular canisters to help you choose the perfect one.

The Top Canister Vacs Reviewed & Compared

I bet we’re the same when I say:

It is REALLY confusing to pick the best canister vacuum with all the hundreds of products out there!

But let me tell you this…

After hundreds of hours of testing & reviewing canister vacuums, we have concluded that what makes an exceptional canister vac are a powerful suction1 capabilities, simplicity and of course, affordability.

In this year alone… over 21 new canister vacuum cleaners have entered the market, and we’ve reviewed all of them to work out which is the best.

And here’s the good news:

The Miele Complete C3 (On special until Sep, 2021) is way ahead of its competitors having all the significant features. In fact, if you’re set on buying a vacuum go with a Miele or a Dyson (view full series here). Miele canister vacuum cleaners, in particular dominate this type of vacuum cleaner. They have the highest ratings of satisfied customers, innovative features, and also, is our first choice.

Simply put…

If you want to do other fun things (not vacuuming), purchase a vacuum that has a tough suction, is light and easy to use. Avoid bogus deals, and get the Miele’s Complete C3 Vacuum now from top leading suppliers at the lowest cost possible of Sep, 2021.

And here’s more help:

If don’t have the time search through details and want to purchase a vacuum now, here are our recommendations.

Overall Winner: Miele Complete C3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Our All-Time Favorite)

We attempt to just include high quality, great products that will likely assist you to work out what you will need for your lifestyle. Our reviews are unbiased as well as in-depth because we would like you to have all the facts – both good as well as bad prior to making your own decision.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


Miele Complete C3 Canister Vacuum


Miele C2 Topaz Canister Vacuum


Miele C3 Alize Canister Vacuum


Dyson Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum


Miele C1 Turbo Team Canister


Kenmore 600 Series Canister Vacuum


Miele C1 Canister Vacuum


Shark Rotator Professional Upright


Electrolux EL4335B Canister Vacuum


Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Canister Vac

Our Favorite Canister of 2021 Reviewed

In-Depth Appraisal

Complete C3 - Miele Overall Winner Canister Vacuum


This durable canister vacuum has a one-of-a-kind floor nozzle and wide range of extra accessories, all with superior cleaning functionality, to remove dirt from high-pile carpeting and different surfaces.

Complete C3

Pros: You get everything you need at an economical cost: variable controls, exceptional power and exceptional job for cleaning rugs, bare floors, and carpets. It provides top notch air filtration and noiseless.
Cons: Th cleaner head is a bulky than other models and it would help if the hose was longer. The vacuum canister dont have storage for its extra tools.

Miele Compact C2 Topaz - Small Canister Vacuum

Compact C2

The C2 Topaz has a well-built canister with a unique floor brush7 and additional accessories that are superior for cleaning to high-pile carpeting.

Miele Compact C2 Topaz

Pros: The Miele C2 has a quiet, smooth and adjustable suction controls that performs well on bare floors, rugs, and carpets. It also has excellent air filtration at a reasonable price.
Cons: The hose is short and the head is not light. Tools cannot be stored in vacuum canister.

Miele C3 Alize - Complete Canister Vac

C3 Alize

The C3 makes your vacuuming effortless with the AirTeQ Combination floor tool that is perfect for cleaning hardwood, stairs and smooth flooring surface. 

It also has the tool that gives you a tech-savvy, self-adjusting setting.

Miele C3 Alize

Pros: The C3 gives intelligent automatic suction setting, a filter change indicator, automatic standby when parked, plus, a powerful fade-free suction. Notice the deluxe ergonomic handle and head.
Cons: Don’t have adjustable handle. Performance is not that great on low profile and deep pile carpets.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor - Swift Cleaner Vacuum For Pet Hair

Dyson Multi Floor

This Dyson canister vacuum has the hygienic dirt ejector that drives out trapped dust and debris as you are emptying.

There’s no need to touch the dirt. It also has the carbon fibre8 turbine head with incredible filaments that pick up fine dust. It’s also better than the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor

Pros: The swift-clean lifetime washable filter means less maintenance and the canister vacuum extends 40% stronger suction than other options. Because the vacuum is lightweight, the power and ease of use is incredible.
Cons: Its heavier to carry around compared to stick vacuums, and there’s no lift-away canister for better portability.

Miele C1 Turbo Team - Canister Vacuum For Harwood Floors

Compact C2

Miele’s Compact C1 is an innovative, space-saving cleaner along with the head is perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas and below your furniture.

This canister vacuum has a Comfort Floor head which is for cleaning low- to medium-pile carpeting and the Parquet Twister head for the polishing of tops.

Want to know the best part?

The system also boasts of having the XL dust cup and utterly sealed system with a HEPA filtration system so powerful for eliminating allergens, dust and pet hair for owners.

It also has a Pet Brush that is use for picking dog or cats hairs and waste, and dander from any surfaces. So, get up and purchase this baby now!

Miele C1 Turbo Team

Pros: This canister cleaner is incredibly light and portable. It has a clean, sleek design that compliments its quiet performance. The turbo head does a fantastic job and it’s flexible in cleaning all areas.
Cons: The head might be a bit tiny and the plastic attachments are not durable.

Kenmore 600 Series Pet-Friendly - Lightweight Kenmore Canister Vacuum

Kenmore Pet Powermate

The Kenmore canister vacuum (600 Pet Powermate) supplies you with versatility and cleaning prowess plus, its additional accessories.

Pesky pet hair, allergen-inducing dust, and inconvenient crumbs are no match for the cleaning power of this sweeper. The smaller handy appliance tackles hardwood, laminate and carpet with ease, thanks to its multipurpose all-floors capability.

Kenmore 600 Series Pet-Friendly

Pros: The motorised Pet PowerMate has easy accessible switches. It’s easy to manoeuvre. The cord retract is firm with a wide pedal. It’s quick to assemble and use, and proffers magnificent suction capabilities.
Cons: It does not roll smoothly and sometimes the motor/carpet attachment doesn’t work when connected to the wand.

Miele C1 Pure Suction - Great for Pet Hair

C1 Pure Suction

The Compact C1 Pure has a robust suction that removes more dirt in one go than any other products. With its light, versatile structure, it can readily be transported upstairs or from room to room.

It has multiple attachments, a telescoping wand and 6-motor speed settings which can be adjusted and changed swiftly.

Equipped with a multi-layer filtration system and polymer fibre constructed dustbag, this machine is simple to use and assemble.

Miele C1 Pure Suction

Pros: Light, has sleek stylish design. And the reliable filtration system is great for allergic-prone people.
Cons: It lacks a motorised brush so it can’t perform well on carpets and rugs. It needs a taller storage cupboard.

Shark Rotator Professional - Upright Canister Vacuum

Shark Rotator Upright

The Shark Rotator incorporates the Shark’s exclusive feature for all around cleaning with its motorised power head and rewind cord, which can go under and around furniture, making cleaning all areas of your house spic and span.

Shark Rotator Professional

Pros: Easy to assemble. It can go under low profile furniture and maintains full suction power in all configurations. Its anti-allergen seal technology coupled with its great suction tackle pet hair and other dirt in a breeze.
Cons: Its bulky structure makes it difficult to carry around. The brush roll can easily clogged making it hard to work on smooth surfaces.

Electrolux EL4335B Silent Performer - Electrolux Canister Vacuum Review

Electrolux EL4021A

You will love the Electrolux Bagless with 3-in-1 Crevice Tool & filters. The machine and sound-softening mouth piece create a silence pro which supplies dominant vacuuming performance with minimal sound and disruption.

Electrolux EL4335B Silent Performer

Pros: The quiet 3-in-1 Electrolux is a reasonably priced option that offers effortless operation. The speed control switch works well and it has multi-surface cleaning options.
Cons: The body is a bit small. It’s not good on carpets and there’s no on/off button on the handle.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister - Corded Canister Vacuum

Yellow Box

The Eureka Mighty Mite is a sleek, small canister with a varied set of accessories that makes the floor cleaning easy. 

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister

Pros: The body of the unit is made of very sturdy, thick plastic. It has a long cord length. The hose is also thick plastic and does not kink. It’s lightweight with excellent suction and HEPA air filtration.
Cons: It could be better at removing pet hair and carpet cleaning performance isn’t optimal.

See additional review on Eureka.

Buying Your Canister Vacuum – Ask Yourself:

1. What Type Of Flooring Do I Have?
Mainly, flooring types are carpeting, hardwood floors, or you might have a combination of some of these. If your home has carpeting primarily, extensive areas of carpets, an upright vacuum cleaner would be the better option. However, hardwood floors, tiles, rugs here and there, you should go with a canister vacuum cleaner.
2. Are Allergens A Problem For Me?
Because pollution is more indoors than outdoors due to circulation, you’ll need to consider this aspect of your vacuum if your family suffers from asthma 2 or allergies.3 Therefore, if the Canister Vacuum Cleaner you’re looking at has a HEPA filter, then the allergen problem should be solved. This filter improved the air quality in your home.
3. How Frequently Will I Vacuum?
If the answer is very frequently, then the canister vacuum might not be the best option for you. In that case, instead, go with a robotic vacuum or a stick vacuum cleaner.
4. How Many Stairs Do I Have In My House?
Carrying your vacuum up and down stairs can be quite taxing. Therefore, consider whether or not you’ll be able to move the canister vacuum cleaner around your house and all the stairs easily. Usually, canister vacuum cleaners are known to be lightweight, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.
5. What Other Areas Will I Be Cleaning?
If you want to use the vacuum for surfaces like furniture, curtains, baseboards or mouldings, look if the canister vacuum comes with a variety of specialized tools for all these areas.
6. How Much Noise Can I/or My Neighbours Handle?
Noise is a typical sound of a vacuum cleaner; everyone knows that. But, the amount of noise correlates with the size of the vacuum cleaner. The larger the machine, the noisier it will be. Some are even designed to make less noise. So consider this when buying a canister vacuum cleaner.
7. How Much Maintenance Will I Need To Do On My Vacuum Cleaner?
When it comes to taking care of your vacuum cleaner, it may involve cleaning out a bag and filter. However, some vacuums don’t have bags. If the canister vacuum has a HEPA filter,4 it’ll need to be replaced, depending on the make. So make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before buying a canister vacuum.
Now for some tips:
Don’t be rushed to make a decision.
Take all the questions as mentioned earlier into consideration carefully and compile a profile of the type of vacuum cleaner you need. You’ll know if the canister is for you, and what kind of canister will best suit your home.
Don’t be put off by the price; remember these vacuums will last a lifetime.
Don’t feel bad for caring about your health and wellbeing.5 A vacuum cleaner is a lifelong investment.

Common Questions

What's The Top Canister Vacuum?
What Are Things To Look For When Shopping For A Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner?

What to Look for in The Best Canister Vacuums?

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, you’re probably looking at the different options and wondering which is the top cleaner to choose. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Suction Power

Only the most effective vacuums make the cut.


So you can get to those hard-to-reach areas.


Because you need a machine that’s built to last.

Ease of Use

It needs to be easy to use and easy to clean.

Final Conclusion

In gathering our list of the finest canister vacuum cleaners, we appraised each cleaner on the basis of durability, power, flexibility, and comfortable to use.

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