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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard choosing the best pet hair vacuums with all the available items!

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, that after years and couple of hours of testing & reviewing, we have opinions about what makes the best vacuum for pet hair: effortless to carry around, worth its value for money.

The Miele C3 (On special until end August 2020) has all those features and beats it’s competition hands down. It gives you the best suction. It’s also simple to maneuver. The C3 pet hair vacuum is a robust in a small desing, design. It features a Comfort head that is ideal for cleaning low pile carpeting and it does a great job. It is a light canister vacuum to make your home dus and dog hair.

If you want to do other fun things (not vacuuming), your best bet is with a canister vacuum that is simple to use & has a tough suction and isn’t heavy. Make sure you avoid cheap knock-offs, and get the Miele C3 from the leading supplier at the lowest cost we’ve been able to find as of Aug, 2020.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for the details, here are our recommended vacuums for pet hair.

We’ve just updated this post to include several latest releases that are popular presently. We expect that they should help you in your process to find the ideal one for your specifications.

Pet Hair Vacuum Reviews

Helping You Choose the Best


Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister

  • Powerful
  • Great accessories
  • Long power


Dyson Ball Multi Floor

  • Maneuverable
  • Powerful
  • Noiseless


Dyson V6 Cord-Free Stick

  • Portable
  • Includes crevice tool
  • Silent


Shark Rotator Stick

  • Simple to use
  • HEPA filtration technology
  • Value for money


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Stick

  • Powerful suction power
  • Includes crevice tool
  • Simple to clean and use


Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Straightforward
  • Soft roller cleaning
  • Value for budget


Hoover Linx Cordless

  • Powerfull suction
  • Includes crevice tool
  • Excellent on hardwood floors


Shark Navigator Freestyle Stick

  • Includes crevice tool
  • Long-lasting
  • Great for pets hair pick-up


Dirt Devil Razor Pet Steerable

  • Flexible and hardy
  • Great for pets hair pick-up
  • Quick to empty


Eureka Mighty Mite Corded

  • Excellent suction
  • Glides smoothly
  • Versatile and sturdy

The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair of 2020

In-Depth Reviews

Miele Complete C3 - Best Pet Hair Vacuum

Miele C3


The C3 is a great design. It features a comfort head that is ideal for cleaning low- to medium-pile carpeting.

It also comes equipped with a Parquet Twister floor head for cleaning those surfaces and tight spaces. It is a light canister to make your home dust and pet hair.

  • Pros: It's effortless and smooth to use making it a pleasure to vacuum your home. The C3 is sturdy, efficient and powerful, featuring fade suction. And it's ideal for anyone to use as its durable, portable and compact.
  • Cons: The price point is higher than other options, and the suction is slightly better on hard flooring.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 - Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Dyson Ball


The vacuum offers you the best performance an upright vacuum could ever give you. 

It features a retractable handle that saves up to 50% more storage space and a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically seals in suction across carpets, and hard floors.

It has the best-combined cleaning reach of 42 feet and is noiseless. With this you’ll be longing for the freshness, cleanliness, and crispness of your home all day long.

  • Pros: The vacuum Ball is portable and noiseless making it a straightforward, simple to use choice. It offers a powerfull suction, flexibility and simple cleaning.
  • Cons: The higher price point of the vacuum Ball can be off-putting, and in some instances it can be hard to use on rugs.

Dyson V6 - Best Vacuum for Pet Hair on Carpet

Dyson V6


The V6 cordless is a powerful system without the hassle. 

It is the best cordless stick vacuum because of it cleaning as well as an excellent plug-in on any carpeted flooring and it can easily convert into one of the best handheld vacuums.

It’s also lightweight and effortless to use and stash away. It also features the impressive 17-minute life which is best suited for an apartment, where it can usually clean the whole space on a single amount of charge

  • Pros: The V6 is everything you're looking for in a stick vacuum, it's durable, light, quiet, extremely effective. It does not leave anything on the floor or carpet.
  • Cons: The handle can be difficult to get used to, and if not cleaned regularly the impurities can jam up the system. It's difficult to use on rugs and is more expensive that other options.

Shark Rotator - Shark Vacuum Pet Hair

Shark Rotator


The lightweight upright with a detachable canister for cleaning efficiency is just what you need to keep your home fresh.

With just the push of a button, the technology allows you to lift the canister away, and you can quickly clean and access the remote areas.

It also features LED lights1 and an advanced swivel steering for excellent visibility and control when moving around your furniture and under beds.

Want to know the best part?

The system also boasts of having the XL-capacity dust cup and utterly sealed system with a HEPA filtration system to stop dust and allergens for pet owner.

It also includes a Pet Brush that picks up dog or cats hairs and waste, and dander from all surfaces. It is precisely the best of the best. So, get up and get it now!

  • Pros: The Shark Rotator is quick to set up, use and empty. It features powerful HEPA Filter technology making it a flexible, convenient, robust solution. It's perfect for clearing stubborn pet hair on any surface and offers good value for money.
  • Cons: It can be difficult to move, and the casing doesn't feel completely durable.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser - Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Bissel Eraser


Nothing puts it to the test quite like a home with pets.

That is why the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless was uniquely and carefully designed from the ground up by pet parents for pet.

Whether it is shedding2  season for your dog or your cat tracks kitty litter all over the house, this revolutionary choice makes cleaning up after them a breeze from beginning to end.

You can finally say goodbye to hair wrap with its brush roll and the special pet equipment. It captures allergens and get rid of odors, and when you are finished cleaning, enjoy a tank removal with our system. It is a gift from the heavens, and you can always rely on it for a perfect home environment.

  • Pros: The Biseell Eraser is effortless to use and simple to clean. It offers a solution that is quiet, portable and durable with suction power. It is noticeably lightweight and simple to assemble and has a no-touch canister dispenser.
  • Cons: The cumbersome tends to tangle easily.

Dyson V8 Absolute - Good Vacuums for Pet Hair

Dyson V8 Absolute


This incredible vacuum has 150% more power than the V6. It has two heads, tools and the filtration which goes out of its way to capture allergens and purer air than the air you breathe. It also has the most powerful with the V8 in play.

  • Pros: The V8 has up to 40 minutes of run time, and thanks to the triple-action purification due to the HEPA filter, this does an excellent job around the home.
  • Cons: The price of the V8 is steep, the battery takes time before it charges completely and this vacuum does struggle with large debris on floors.

Hoover Linx - Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Consumer Reports

Hoover Linx


Transform everyday cleaning with this sleek, versatile option that delivers performance with power and batteries that provide to clean anywhere.

It is the only stick with Hoover Tunnel and cyclonic filtration which delivers ability to lift up not only surface but also the dirt embedded in your carpet.

  • Pros: It has the most comfortable assembly time. It is also convenient, maneuverable, it provides you a good operation. It may make vacuuming actually enjoyable.
  • Cons: The system is noisy and expensive. Despite these issues though, it redeems itself with its suction and ease of assembly.

Shark Navigator Freestyle - Top Vacuum for Pet Hair

Shark Navigator


The Shark Navigator provides a quick, convenient clean-up on all types of surfaces, from one room to another.

It works well on both bare floor and carpet, It has a powerfull suction power and an extended run time. It’s convenient to take apart and put back together and recharge.

Ease of use is unparalleled due to light weight and rotating head.

  • Pros: Strong suction power, lightweight. Very good at picking up pet hair. All around a good vacuum for the price.
  • Cons: Can feel unstable, might not last very long.

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Steerable - Pet Hair Cleaner

Dirt Devil Razor


Suction means you get immaculate cleaning anywhere in your home and with this system, you get a cleaner that runs better and longer with less maintenance.

The Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Vac is the most maneuverable cleaner. It features this low design that steers around the house and under the furniture with minimal effort.

  • Pros: The system is the most versatile cleaner. It is also quick to assemble, durable and robust
  • Cons: It is cumbersome and loud. Despite these few shortcomings though, the system is durable, quick to assemble and comfortable to use.

Eureka Mighty Mite Corded - Cheap Vacuum for Pet Hair

Eureka Mighty


The Mighty Mite canister vacuum is equipped with powerful brush rolls to deep clean carpets, it also comes with a set of additional tools that help clean stairs, upholstery and other  difficult surfaces.

I works very well on pet hair and dust, at home and even in your car. 

The dust cup has a capacity of 2.5 liters.

  • Pros: Powerful on many different surfaces and light.
  • Cons: The hose is not great, some of the accessories are a bit difficult to use.

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What's the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?
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What's the Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair?
How Does One Pick the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Our Best Pet Hair Vacuums in 2020

What to Look for in a Pet Hair Vacuum?

Helping You Choose the Best

If you’re in the market for a new pet hair vacuum, you’re probably looking at the different options and wondering which is the pet hair vacuum to choose. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our reviews feature the pet hair vacuums based on:

Suction Power

Only the most effective vacuums make the cut.


So you can get to those difficult-to-reach areas.


Because you need a machine that’s built to last.

Ease of Use

It needs to be easy to use.

Final Verdict

Helping You Choose the Best

In compiling our list of the pet hair vacuums, we evaluated each pet hair vacuum cleaner on the basis of its suction power, maneuverability, durability and east of use.

Recommended Pet Vacuums

1st Recommendation

At the top of our pet vacuum list is the Miele C3

It is value for money since it provides you a detachable canister for cleaning power and the technology that allows you to lift the cartridge away and you can comfortably do deep cleaning the difficult-to-reach areas.

 It also has strong suction and the benefit of a fully-motorized brush head.

The vacuum does an impeccable job scrubbing pet hair from all sorts of carpets, as well as hardwood flooring.

2nd Recommendation

Our second best vacuum cleaner for pet hair has to be the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright

It has the most potent suction system. It features a Comfort hardwood floor head that is ideal for cleaning low- to medium-pile carpets and the Parquet Twister floor head for cleaning those surfaces.

It is safe for even the most beautiful hardwoods and is adequately adjustable to suit any carpet design. You can adjust the motor power as well as the brush height, making it very versatile.


Eufy BoostIQ
Our Rating: 9.0/10

Eufy BoostIQ

Our Rating: 8.6/10

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot

IRobot Roomba 650
Our Rating: 8.2/10

iRobot Roomba 650

IRobot Roomba 880
Our Rating: 8.1/10

iRobot Roomba 980

See the Best Robot Vacuums.

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Miele C3
Our Rating: 9.1/10

Miele Complete C3

Dyson Ball
Our Rating: 8.6/10

Dyson Upright Ball

Dyson V6
Our Rating: 8.2/10

Dyson V6 Cord-free

Shark Rotator Upright
Our Rating: 8.5/10

Shark Rotator Stick

Looking for a Specific Type of Vacuum Cleaner?

Want to weigh your options first, before committing to a pet hair vacuum? Check out our other vacuum guides.

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