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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard choosing the best pet hair vacuums with all the available items!

Or is it?

In this year alone… over 20 new pet hair vacuum cleaners have entered the market, and we’ve reviewed all of them to work out which is the best.

Well, it turns out, that after years and couple of hours of testing & reviewing, we have opinions about what makes a great vacuum for pet hair: effortless to carry around, worth its value for money.

Want to hear the good news?

The Miele C3 (On special until end May 2021) has all those characteristics and beats its competition hands down. It gives you the best suction. It’s also simple to manoeuvre. The C3 pet hair vacuum has a robust, small design. It features a Comfort head that is ideal for low pile carpeting. It’s a light vacuum that does an impressive job making your home free from dust and dog hair.

Simply put…

If you want to do other fun things (not vacuuming), your best bet is with a pet hair vacuum that is not heavy, simple to use & has a tough suction. Make sure you avoid cheap knock-offs, and get the Miele C3 from the leading supplier at the lowest cost we’ve been able to find as of May, 2021.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for the details, here are our recommended vacuums for pet hair.

We have recently updated this post to include certain new releases that are trending currently. We hope that they should assist you in your journey to find the correct one for your requirements.

Pet Hair Vacuum Reviews


Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog


Dyson Ball Multi Floor


Dyson V6 Cordless Stick


Shark Rotator Stick


Bisell Pet Hair Eraser Stick


Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Hoover Linx Cordless


Shark Navigator Freestyle Stick

PET HAIR Remover

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Steerable


Eureka Mighty Mite Corded

The Top Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair of 2021

In-Depth Reviews

Miele Complete C3 - Highest Rated Pet Hair Vacuum


The C3 has a modern design featuring a comfort head that is ideal for low- to medium-pile carpeting.

Equipped with a Parquet Twister floor head, it’s suitable for any surfaces and tight spaces. It has a light canister to make your home clear from dust and pet hair.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 - Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Dyson Ball

The vacuum gives you the most amazing performance an upright vacuum could ever offer.

It features a retractable handle that saves up to 50% more storage space and a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically seals in suction across carpets, and hard floors.

It has a combined cleaning radius of 42 ft. With this you’ll be longing for the freshness, cleanliness, and crispness of your home all day through.

Dyson V6 - Vacuum for Pet Hair on Carpet

Dyson V6

The V6 cordless is a mighty system without the hassle.

It is a leading cordless stick vacuum because of its capability to cleanse any carpeted flooring and it can easily convert into a handheld vacuum.

It’s also lightweight and effortless to use and stash away. It also has an impressive 17-minute life which is best suited for an apartment, where it can usually clean the whole space on a single amount of charge.

Shark Rotator - Advanced Swivel Steering Vacuum

Shark Rotator

The lightweight upright with a removable canister for emptying efficiency. With a push of a button, the technology allows you to easily empty the canister. It is the right vacuum to keep your home fresh.

Shark Rotator LED lights1 and an advanced swivel steering for excellent visibility and control when moving around your furniture and under beds. You can quickly reach and clean every corner of your living space

The system also boasts of having the XL-capacity cup for dust and utterly sealed system with a HEPA filtration system to stop allergens for pet owners.

It also includes a PET BRUSH that picks up dog or cats hairs and waste, and dander from all surfaces. It’s precisely the best of the best. So, get up and get it now!

Bisell Pet Hair Eraser - Dogs & Cats Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Bisell Eraser

The Bisell Pet Hair Eraser is an upright bagless vacuum. It’s uniquely created to suit the needs of pet owners.

Whether your cat litter all over the house or it’s shedding2 season for your dog, this revolutionary machine makes vacuuming a walk in the park. You are finally going to be free from hair wrap with its brush roll and special pet equipment.

And after you’re done doing your chore, enjoy an easy tank removal to get ready for the next session. And with the handsfree emptying, you dont have to worry about touching any germs.

Dyson V8 Absolute - Hand Vac for Pet Hair

Dyson V8 Absolute

This unbelievable cleaner has 150% more force than the V6. It has two heads, filtration, tools and triple action purification which makes catching allergens an easy task.

It needs to be recharged for 3.5 hours, then you can already use it to up to 60 minutes and enjoy of 8 minutes of fade-free function.

It is designed to deep clean home with pets.

Hoover Linx - Affordable Vacuum

Hoover Linx

Change your usual job with this smooth, adaptable cleaner that conveys execution with force to create any place dust free.

It is the only stick with Hoover Tunnel and cyclonic filtration which has the capacity to suck any particles embedded in your rug.

Shark Navigator Freestyle - Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair

Shark Navigator

The Shark Navigator provides a quick, convenient clean-up on all types of surfaces, from one room to another.

It performs well on both bare floor and carpet. It has a strong suction and an extended run time. It’s convenient to take apart and put back together and recharge.

Ease of use is unparalleled due to its lightweight and rotating head.

Dirt Devil Razor Steerable - Pet Hair Cleaner

Dirt Devil Razor

With its performance, you are sure to have immaculate cleaning right in your home. You will get a cleaner that runs better and longer with less upkeep.

This Bagless Vac is the most flexible vacuum out there because of its steering design that gets anywhere around the house and under the furniture with little effort.

Eureka Mighty Mite Corded - Cheap Pet Hair Vacuum

Yellow Box

The Mighty Mite vacuum is equipped with brush rolls to deep clean carpets. It also comes with a set of additional tools that help clean stairs, upholstery and other difficult surfaces.

It works very well on pet hair and dust at home and even in your car.

The dust cup has a capacity of 2.5 litres.

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How Does One Pick the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

What to Look for in a Vacuum for Pet Hair?

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Final Verdict

In compiling our list of the pet hair vacuums, we evaluated each pet hair vacuum cleaner based on its durability, manoeuvrability, suction power and ease of use.

Fallen Plant Pot

1st Recommendation

At the top of our pet vacuum list is the Miele C3

It is value for money because of its detachable canister for cleaning, allowing you to lift the cartridge away and you can comfortably a thorough cleaning of the difficult-to-reach areas.

 It also has strong suction and the benefit of a fully-motorised brush head.

The vacuum does an impeccable job scrubbing pet hair from all sorts of carpets, as well as bare floors.

2nd Recommendation

Our second favourite vacuum cleaner for pet hair has to be the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright

It has the strongest motor system. It gives you a Comfort hardwood floor head that is ideal for cleaning low- to medium-pile carpets and the Parquet Twister floor head for cleaning top surfaces.

It is safe for even the most beautiful hardwoods and is adequately adjustable to suit any carpet design. You can adjust the motor strength as well as the brush height, making it very versatile.

Looking for a Specific Type of Vacuum Cleaner?

Want to weigh your options first, before committing to a pet hair vacuum? Take a look at our other vacuum guides.

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