Choosing an Air Purifier as a Pet Owner in 2022

Are You a Pet Owner & Thinking About Using an Air Purifier?
Do You Know Which Features to Look Out for When Buying an Air Purifier as a Pet Owner? DIscover the BEST Air Purifiers for You & Your Furry Friends. Read On…

Living with pets is often an important experience for many people, as our four-legged friends make life more enjoyable.

The excitement and companionship that pets offer to one’s daily life are beyond rewarding.

Though less favorable side effects of housing a pet, like odors and pet dander, make owners question how to address these compromising factors.

Have you ever considered investing in an air purifier to combat these pet-related problems?

Utilizing a purification system in a pet-friendly home can tackle odors and dander in the air while also providing further health benefits through better indoor air quality (IAQ).

But where to start?

Through this article, you’ll discover:

    Choosing an air purifier as a pet owner comes down to the features and performance of each system, as certain elements are more essential than others.

    Find out more about what specific attributes to look for when deciding on your air purifier, especially from a pet-centric mindset.

    Can an Air Purifier Help with Pet Allergies?

    Yes, air purifiers are very capable of alleviating causes of pet allergies like hair and dander.

    Efficient filtration can capture hairs and dander that exist in the air to promote an allergen-free zone.

    This allows for pet owners to live more comfortability with less allergy symptoms while still being able to enjoy the presence of their animal.

    It also lowers the level of particulate matter in the air, leaving your indoor air feeling fresher and cleaner.

    Features to Look for in an Air Purifier

    The basic functions of an air purifier consist of removing particulate matter from the air of a designated space through a filtration system, releasing fresher, cleaner air back into the environment as a result.

    A great example of an air purifier with efficient filtration and exchange rate is EnviroKlenz’s® Air System Plus, which combines its patented air cartridge with HEPA filtration and additional UV-C protection for thorough purification.

    The Air System Plus is able to cover a 1,000 cubic foot area with an exchange rate of more than two times the efficiency of a standard HVAC system.

    EnviroKlenz’s earth mineral technology found in their air cartridge adds the additional benefit of non-toxic air purification that releases nothing back into the air.

    It is safe to use around pets and other family members, unlike carbon filtration that commonly releases toxic pathogens back into the environment.

    Eliminating Pet Odors through Air Purification

    Addressing pet odors in the home is crucial to any owner, making air purifiers so desirable due to their ability to resolve this smelly issue.

    By turning over the air in a room quicker and more frequently than an HVAC system, air purifiers can tackle the odors from your pets that can’t be treated with simple air fresheners or room sprays.

    Not only does this odor elimination offer comfort to your household, but it also combats the potential issue of guests noticing pet odors when you are hosting for others.

    Lingering pet odors can include litter boxes, open pet food, pet bedding, and the pets themselves, alongside unexpected smells like potty-training accidents in the house.

    While cats and dogs can’t necessarily control these factors, why not let the power of an air purifier help with these odor concerns.

    Further Benefits of Proper Indoor Air Quality

    The benefits of adding an air purifier to your home don’t stop at the removal of pet odors and hair, as its positive impacts stretch much further than that.

    If pets don’t trigger your allergies, but dust and other particulates do, air purifiers can address these triggers just as efficiently.

    Irritants stemming from outside sources like pollen, wildfires, and other air pollutants that find their way indoors can also be mitigated by a purification system for relief within your home.

    The concern of fighting germs and viruses can also be treated through the capabilities of an air purifier.

    Capturing and removing harmful viricidal and bacterial pathogens is achieved through filtration, but this can be further enhanced by combining filtration abilities with UV-C lights.

    EnviroKlenz® utilizes the germicidal defense of UV-C bulbs in their Air System Plus to further deactivate viruses and bacteria and prevent infectious spread.

    Air purifiers with this combination of filtration and UV-C can provide an even higher barrier to airborne health threats.

    Air purifiers can cater to many IAQ needs, though in the eyes of a pet owner, they can look particularly valuable.

    After seeing how certain features and benefits can combat typical conditions of living with pets, such as associated odors, hair, and dander.

    Pet owners can use this knowledge as a guide for choosing an air purifier for their home.

    This investment will create a fresher, healthier home for all human and furry family members alike!

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    In Conclusion

    Now that you know what you know to consider when buying an air purifier as a pet owner, we wish you well on your decision and purchase.

    Buying a good-quality air purifier is an investment for you and for your pets!

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