Top 50 Environmental Influencers You Must Follow

Are You Following the Top Environmental Influencers Online to Help Save the Planet?
Do You Want to Know Who Are The Influencers Busy Saving The Planet? Keep Reading To See Who Are The Advocates Bidding For A Better Environment.
environmental influencers

We have taken far more than we require from our home planet for far too long.

For us and the world, our excessive materialism mentality is unsustainable.

And we’re already starting to experience the consequences of our choices.

But where to start?

Through this article, you’ll discover:

    Fortunately, we have climate change/green activists and influencers whom we can follow, be inspired by, learn from, and take tiny acts in our life to bring about change.

    #01. Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg established a campaign at the age of 15 that drew in a large number of young people, and she was able to develop a platform through which she could speak with international leaders.

    In September of last year, she delivered a passionate address at the United Nations Climate Action Summit and organized one of the largest climate marches ever.

    Environmental Influencers

    #02. Bea Johnson

    In 2008, a native of France who now lives in Mill Valley, California, established a zero-waste lifestyle.

    Her life, as well as that of her family, has improved. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot are the 5Rs she suggests as a basic rule.

    #03. Lauren Singer

    A well-known environmental activist in New York who provides her advice on how to reduce waste that harms the environment.

    She is the founder of Package Free, a business that assists customers in purchasing environmentally responsible products, as well as The Simply Co, an organic and vegan laundry detergent.

    Lauren Singer

    #04. Michael E. Mann

    He is an American climatologist and geophysicist who is presently the director of Pennsylvania State University’s Earth System Science Centre.

    To better understand climate change, he uses theoretical models and observational data in his studies.

    Michael E. Mann

    #05. Autumn Peltier

    This 14-year-old Canadian indigenous activist, also known as the “water warrior,” spoke for water protection at the United Nations when she was thirteen.

    Many indigenous communities are advised to boil their water since it may be poisoned.

    They could get waterborne infections, nausea, diarrhoea, and cramping if they drink water that hasn’t been boiled.

    Autumn Peltier

    #06. Manuela Baron

    Manuela’s mission is to motivate and educate women on how to be their most authentic selves.

    Her zero-waste journey is documented in her vlogs, which include suggestions on decluttering, going zero waste at college, eco-friendly projects, and more.

    Manuela Baron

    #07. Kathryn Kellogg

    Kathryn Kellogg recognized there was little regulation for the cosmetic and cleaning goods we all use after a close call with breast cancer.

    That’s why she embarked on a zero-waste path, in which she seeks for ethical and sustainable solutions that can help others improve their health without causing harm to the environment or themselves.

    Kathryn Kellogg

    #08. Kate Nelson

    She is an Australian who is working nonstop to raise awareness about the use of plastic and how detrimental it is to our oceans.

    She enjoys giving suggestions and other DIY projects on her website to assist her followers conserve the environment.

    Kate Nelson

    #09. Dan Raven-Ellison

    He’s come up with some fairly imaginative techniques to inspire people to notice what’s already amazing about their surroundings, as well as the opportunity to improve it significantly.

    Dan studied geography at university and worked as a geography teacher for a short time.

    Then he started using geography in unusual ways to convey about the environment. He’s a guerilla geographer, he claims today.

    Dan Raven-Ellison

    #10. Livia Van Heerde

    She is an ethical and sustainable living influencer who blends her quest to combat climate change with a focus on ending slavery.

    She uses her Instagram account to promote her advocacy as well as her trips between her two hometowns of London and Vienna.

    Livia Van Heerde

    #11. Megean Weldon

    A woman from the Midwest who has committed the last few years to going waste-free with her entire family!

    Megean is attempting to rescue the environment by decreasing her trash to almost zero, eating a plant-based diet, and living a simple lifestyle.

    She teaches her followers how to make the switch to a waste-free lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed!

    Megean Weldon

    #12. Dominique Drakeford

    She is an environmental educator, creative director, and community advocate who works to promote ecological, cultural, and social transformation in a variety of settings.

    Melanin & Sustainable Style is her brainchild, and it’s an evolving platform that explores and celebrates the achievements of communities of colour in sustainable fashion, green beauty, and wellness.

    Dominique Drakeford

    #13. Immy Lucas

    Lucas is the founder of what sheLow Impact, a non-profit that aims to have a “low environmental benefit while having a high social impact.”

    Green tea facial toner, natural deodorant, shampoo, and Immy’s favourite ‘on-the-go’ things are among the DIYs available on the organization’s website and blog.

    Immy Lucas

    #14. Heather White

    “By minimising waste and aiming toward minimalism, she seeks to live intentionally.”

    At their “suburban” house in NW, Washington, she and her family of four live a sustainable lifestyle.

    White reveals the everyday aspects of their environmental habits, such as gardening and avoiding plastic and paper in favour of glass and composting.

    Heather White

    #15. Vanessa Nakate

    She began her protest in Kampale, Uganda, at the age of 23 to draw attention to the impact of climate change in her nation and throughout Africa.

    What began as a one-woman protest has spread to other African countries, and more people are joining her protests in Kampale.

    Vanessa Nakate

    #16. Tim Silverwood

    He is an environmentalist who advocates for the protection of the oceans and the environment from the effects of humans.

    He established the #Take3fortheSea campaign, in which he encourages people to take three pieces of trash home with them when they leave the beach, emphasising that every small action counts.

    Tim Silverwood

    #17. Shia Su

    This zero-waste blogger supports a variety of groups that support her vegan, palm oil-free, minimalist lifestyle.

    Shia Su, who is based in Germany, is a proponent of small living, public transportation, bulk food buying, and opposing institutions that favour waste and consumerism.

    Shia Su

    #18. Diana Rodgers

    A ‘real meal’ Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist living on a thriving organic farm west of Boston.

    She speaks about nutrition and sustainability, social justice, animal welfare, and food policy issues at colleges and conferences throughout the world.

    The site is about eating and producing food in a sustainable manner.

    Diana Rodgers

    #19. Tara McKenna

    She’s the founder of the Zero Waste Collective, an online community and blog dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live more sustainably by eliminating waste.

    She began this blog in 2017 to share her “environmentally conscious” experiences and to teach people how to live plastic-free and take other practical measures toward sustainability.

    Tara McKenna

    #20. Jasmine Tuan

    She is an outspoken proponent of a zero-waste lifestyle. She also brings reusables like reusable straws, containers, and silverware with her.

    Her contributions to the zero-waste movement aren’t limited to social media. Jasmine, who has been in Kuala Lumpur since 2015, helped organise the first Zero Waste event in 2017.

    Jasmine Tuan

    #21. Lizzie Carr

    Lizzie started @plastic patrol, a network of people working to cleaning up the globe, as a plastic pollution activist.

    She also uses her paddle boarding abilities to collect trash throughout international rivers.

    Lizzie Carr

    #22. Bill McKibben

    An environmentalist, author, and journalist from the United States who has written extensively about the effects of global warming.

    He is a Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and the founder of, a climate change advocacy initiative.

    Bill McKibben

    #23. Paul Hawken

    Hawken’s work involves developing ecological firms, writing about the effects of commerce on living systems, and providing economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy advice to enterprises and governments.

    He was a strong supporter of the Civil Rights Movement.

    Paul Hawken

    #24. Jane Goodall

    She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots program, and she has devoted her life to animal care and conservation.

    She has been a member of the Nonhuman Rights Project’s board of directors since its inception in 1996.

    She was appointed a UN Messenger of Peace in April 2002. The World Future Council has made Goodall an honorary member.

    Jane Goodall

    #25. Liv Lo

    She is a yoga instructor, fitness model, and TV host. She is also an environmentalist on top of it all.

    Green Is The New Black, Singapore’s first Conscious Festival, featured her as part of a team of ambassadors in 2016.

    Liv Lo

    #26. Paul Watson

    A Canadian-American conservationist and environmental activist who created the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a marine conservation anti-poaching and direct action organization.

    #27. Charlotte Mei

    She uses her social media presence to promote environmental awareness.

    As a host, she has collaborated with the National Environment Agency on a food waste series.

    Charlotte Mei

    #28. Janette Sadik-Khan

    She recognised the city’s streets’ untapped potential. She reminded us that a city’s streets are among its most valuable public spaces.

    And it demonstrated that it is feasible to reshape an urban environment, even one as complex as New York City.

    Janette Sadik-Khan

    #29. Diandra Marizet

    She is a former clothing worker who is now an intersectional environmentalist.

    She uses her platform to promote awareness about living plastic-free and fighting for the Latinx community, since she is passionate about sustainability and social impact.

    Diandra Marizet

    #30. Jhánneu Roberts

    Jhánneu is a low-waste sustainability blogger who uses her YouTube channel to share sustainable living suggestions.

    You’ll find recommended reads, products, and brands to follow on her page.

    Jhánneu Roberts

    #31. Sedona Christina

    Christie is an influencer that focuses on vegan wellbeing, slow fashion, and imperfect zero-waste living.

    Her videos show you how to decrease waste and simplify daily routines in a way that’s easy to understand.

    Sedona Christina

    #32. Jack Harries

    He’s a documentary photographer, filmmaker, and activist, or, as we like to call him, a multi-tasking superhero!

    Jack has recently become an environmental activist, campaigning against the current climate disaster. He is well-known for his Youtube channel ‘Jack’s Gap.’

    Jack Harries

    #33. Jemma Finch & Ella Grace Denton

    Stories Behind Things’ purpose is to promote and motivate the younger generations to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. It was started by best friends Jemma Finch and Ella Grace Denton.

    Jemma Finch and Ella Grace Denton

    #34. Ed Winters

    Ed is an animal rights activist who works as a vegan instructor, public speaker, and content creator.

    His catchphrases are justice, compassion, and equality, and they perfectly sum up what he aims to achieve.

    Ed Winters

    #35. Venetia Falconer

    All of her other social media accounts, where she discusses her vegan lifestyle as well as themes like sustainable fashion and mental wellness.

    Venetia Falconer

    #36. Xiye Bastida

    A 17-year-old climate justice activist from New York, is one of the founders of the Fridays for Future Youth climate strike movement.

    With 18K Instagram followers, she has a 3.37 percent engagement rate, which is significantly higher than the 0.13 percent platform average for influencers with a similar following.

    Xiye Bastida

    #37. Natalie Kay

    Florida-based Since 2014, Natalie Kay has been “assisting you in creating conscientious wardrobes.”

    When she realized she didn’t want to stay in the industry unless she could help alter the way it was done, the fashionista established her blog and found her niche writing about what she was passionate about sustainable fashion.

    Natalie Kay

    #38. Clare Press

    She is the go-to authority in the area of sustainable, ethical fashion as a podcaster, fashion editor, author, and public speaker.

    This committed activist has written three books on sustainable fashion and was even named the first-ever sustainability editor at Vogue.

    Clare Press

    #39. Alexandria Villaseñor

    She is the co-founder of US Youth Climate Strike and Earth Uprising.

    After her asthma worsened as a result of a smoke cloud from the November 2018 Camp fire in California, she was inspired to fight for climate action.

    Alexandria Villaseñor

    #40. Laura Wells

    With an extensive record, she is an environmental campaigner and science communicator.

    She has degrees in biology and law, as well as certifications in environmental management systems and a diploma in paramedical science.

    She champions environmental issues and brings them to a wider audience using her education and platform as an international model.

    Laura Wells

    #41. Erin Rhoads

    A tireless author, blogger, and activist dedicated to leading a more environmentally responsible existence.

    Her popular eco-living website, The Rogue Ginger, has been recording her efforts to minimise plastic and waste since 2013.

    Erin Rhoads

    #42. Mimi Elashiry

    She uses her position to raise awareness about the fast fashion industry’s wastefulness and destructive practises, and she encourages us all to think before we buy.

    Mimi Elashiry

    #43. Kaméa Chayne

    She is the host of the Green Dreamer podcast, which explores how humans may live while the globe appears to be degrading ecologically and human life is becoming disconnected from what matters most.

    Kaméa welcomes experts from many sectors to provide their perspectives on what is being done to promote sustainability and combat climate change.

    Kaméa Chayne

    #44. Vic Barrett

    A climate activist who is one of the young plaintiffs in the Juliana V United States climate case against the US government.

    Vic, who comes from a Caribbean Afro-Indigenous culture, was 11 years old when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on his hometown of White Plains, New York.

    Vic Barrett

    #45. Leah Thomas

    She is the founder of Intersectional Environmentalist, a media and resource hub dedicated to highlighting the interconnectedness and effect of social justice and environmental issues.

    Leah Thomas

    #46. Ayesha Barenblat

    Barenblat is the founder of re.make, the leading resource for individuals looking to use fashion to do good.

    If you’re a fashion influencer, this is a terrific place to learn how to celebrate style in more responsible ways.

    Such as raising awareness about the condition of garment workers and encouraging others to adopt more sustainable behaviors.

    Ayesha Barenblat

    #47. Varshini Prakash

    She’s a member of the Sunrise Movement, a group that aims to inspire young people to help stop climate change while also creating millions of jobs.

    They’re working to make being green a more inclusive and practical option for everyone everywhere.

    Varshini Prakash

    #48. Carlota Bruna

    She is an environmentalist who lives in Spain. She offers stellar perspectives on global concerns and taking care of our world requires a global effort.

    Carlota Bruna

    #49. Nadia Nazar

    Zero Hour’s Founder, Co-Executive Director, and Art Director is a climate activist.

    Nadia, who is also a brilliant animator, painter, graphic designer, and filmmaker, has a 54.71 equity score, which places her 1,808th out of 15,296 influencers in the 5K-10K follower range.

    #50. Emily Atkin

    One Small Step from Now This news’ producer and host.

    Her Instagram account has 28.1K followers, and her postings are full of cheery, super-easy methods for everyone to practice being more environmentally conscientious.

    Lucy Biggers
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