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Pet Hair Removal

How to Keep Your Carpets & Curtains Clean

Wondering how you can remove pet hair from your furniture? Discover the right techniques to remove pet hair from your home in a jiffy.
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Isn’t it glorious to have a furry companion in your everyday family life? Pets bring people so much joy and love. Unlike humans, pets are always happy and excited to see you, even when the day seems too dull to be happy. They make excellent companions and keen listeners; they make you feel comfortable and will cheer up your sad soul. Pets also do funny things that’ll make you smile!

Look at this:

According to some doctors, there’s no better stress reliever in the world than a cuddle with your furry friend.


With all the joy and laughter come some significant issues. Especially when your pets live with you in the house. Pet hair clings to everything: it sticks to your clothes, upholstery, carpets and even to your curtains.


Doing a good job of pet hair removal can be a nightmare if you don’t use the proper techniques and that’s why there some vital tips you must follow so you can to get your carpets and curtains free from pet hair.

How Does Pet Hair Get Stuck to Your Curtains & Carpets?

Pets love running into the fields and dirt. So, after they’re done for the day, they drag in all the allergens1 they’ve collected from the wild. Then, they roll over the carpets and deposit these allergens and their fur onto the bespoke carpet material.

And that’s not the only thing…

You might think that curtains are immune to pet hair.  But, cats love to rub against the soft cosy curtains, and they’re always looking at the outside view.

So, how to remove these lingering pet hair and allergens? Here are a few tips and tricks.

#01. Hand-Washing Your Carpet & Curtain is a Big ‘No!’

If you’ve ever tried brushing pet hair from your carpets and curtains, you probably know how futile it is.

So, instead of struggling and slaving with a brush, get some professional help to get rid of your pet’s hair effectively.

On the other hand…

You might also get tempted to load your curtains into the washing machine for a good wash. Don’t! This is a terrible mistake since the pet hair can get stuck into the material even deeper. It’ll be an impossible task to get rid of the pet hair after that.

#02. Clean Frequently

To remove pet hair from the surface of your carpet, baking soda is your best friend. Sprinkle the carpet with a little powder and leave it for a few hours. Apart from removing the pet hair or fur, baking soda also helps to deodorize the room, leaving it fresh and 99.99% clean.

After a few hours, make sure you get the Vacuum For Pet Hair and vacuum up at least 99.9% of the pet hair and any other unwanted things on the carpet.

Think about investing in a vacuum cleaner that will make your life so much easier! The best robot vacuum cleaner and the shark cordless vacuum are so pleasant to clean with!

#03. Remember, Rubber is a Golden Tool for Pet Hair Removal

Before taking down your curtains, get some rubber tools: a pair of rubber gloves and a rubber brush. They work magic.

Simply put:

Rubber is the perfect pet hair removal option because it creates static electricity that draws out pet hair. You can even try moistening your rubber tool for more effective pet hair removal. Simply rub down all the hairy bits, and your gloves or rubber brush will instantly get rid of the shed hair.

#04. Other Alternatives to Remove Pet Hair From Your Furniture

If you don’t have a pair of rubber gloves or a brush, consider using a damp sponge to catch some of the pet hair. You can also spray a mixture of fabric softener and water onto the curtain and wipe the pet hair off. Your curtains will look spic and span.

#05. Replace the Carpet & Curtains

If you’re really struggling to remove pet hair from your furniture, consider replacing the carpets curtains. Reupholstering furniture is also a good alternative.2  You also might need to start putting down some rules and keep some carpeted areas pet-free.


If you can’t seem to keep them away, switch from carpeting to tiled or hardwood floors.3  Instead of velvet, non-machine washable curtains also work well or pick out some lovely washable curtains or drapes.

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In Conclusion

So, next time you see your pet’s hair on your furniture, carpets or curtains, you don’t need to panic or run away. You can simply follow these tips and tricks in a jiffy!

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