Can Air Purifiers Help Against Allergies?

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Is It Worth Buying An Air Purifier To Help Control Allergies?

In this day and age, you can walk into almost any store or supermarket and see all sorts and brands of the best air purifiers for allergies on sale. There are the huge ones that look like industrial machinery, high-tech ones with LED lights and digital displays, and the little ones that you can basically wear around your neck.  And the claims they make!

  • Kills dust mites1
  • Obliterates mold spores2 
  • Zaps viruses
  • HEPA for life

Some even have catchy slogans like we slice, slay, and dice.  Well, that last part might be a bit exaggerated, but all in all, with so many brands and types of air cleaners in the market, it means that they must be doing some good.  Right?

However, with the confusing brands and some very negative reviews, you might wonder if it is really worth purchasing an air purifier? Will it help your allergies?

The simple answer is, it depends. An air purification system can aid your allergies if you have environmental allergies, and you have the proper type of system for the size of the area you need to use it in.

That said, here’s why buying an air purifier is worth especially if you want to kick out your allergies:


#01. It Gets Rid of Household Odors

You might have guests from time to time, and some even come without prior notice, it becomes very awkward to handle everything along with the household odors that linger around. That pungent food odor becomes downright disconcerting for the entire family. An air cleaner aids in getting rid of any smell that may remain in the air for too long. Alongside it helps eliminate any pungent smell that makes you uncomfortable around your guests.

#02. It Helps Control All the Allergens Lurking Around Your Sanctuary

Well, this is where the slice and dice slogan comes in handy.If you’re allergic to pollen, dust mites, or even pet dander, or you have those seasonal allergies, an air purifier might offer you some help. However, there are more effective ways to get relief from seasonal allergies.

Indoor allergens float on the air, fall, and stick to your upholstery. As you move around a room, run a fan, sit down or get up from your favorite couch, pick things up and set them down we send settled allergens back into the air to circulate and fall again. It’s the circle of life.

Pollen on Plant

#03. They Help Reduce Dust Accumulation in Your Home

One of the most common ways to ensure that your air purifier system is working is when there is going to be a much lesser build-up of dust in your manor even when you haven’t dusted for several days.

People feel relieved after the purchase of an air purification system and think that their life has enriched significantly. Nonetheless, there are some myths associated with the air cleaning system that you must know before you purchase it for your home:

After Installing the Air Purifier for dust mites, You Might Never Have to Dust Your House Again – an air purifier only assists in decreasing the number of airborne dust particles.3 It can’t lift off dust particles off of your furniture or upholstery and go on to provide you with the ease off ever dusting again; it’s your job to dust often because if the air purifier system starts fanning off the dirt, a dust storm will begin at your home.

Cat and Pollen

Air Purifier is the Cure for All Your Allergies and Kills All Germs and Allergens – an air purifier device can only control your allergies.  However, few of the allergens like pollen are heavy, and before the air purification system can catch them, they fall to the floor or on your expensive furniture.

That said, air purifiers are entirely worth buying for anybody and everybody who has an issue with dust particles and allergens. So stop thinking about whether it’s worth it or not and get yourself one today.

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