The Ultimate Guide to Stick Vacuums: What You Need to Know

Are You Wondering if a Stick Vacuum Is for You?
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If you’re looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, the last thing you want is to make a mistake and get one that isn’t powerful enough or doesn’t suit your needs.

Stick vacuums are perfect for people who live in small apartments or don’t have much storage space because they can be stored upright without taking up too much room.

But where to start?

Through this article, you’ll discover:

    This article is a guide to stick vacuums with everything you need to know about stick vacuums so that when it’s time for you to purchase one, there will be no questions left unanswered.

    What Is a Stick Vacuum?

    A stick vacuum is a type of upright vacuum cleaner with no attachments but can be used as an effective floor and carpet cleaner.

    It’s called “stick” because it looks like one big handle with the motorized brush sticking out from it.

    Stick vacuums typically include cordless use; wall mounts to store when not in use, and storage compartments for tools on board.

    Depending on your needs, you might want to invest in a stick vacuum that includes additional accessories so you don’t have to buy them separately or carry around bulky equipment if all you need is something lightweight.

    Guide to Stick Vacuums

    How Does It Work?

    The motorized brush sucks up dirt, dust, and debris from the floor thanks to a rotating action.

    The vacuum cleaner does not use any bags or filters, so it’s easier to clean out than other types of vacuums.

    Advantages of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

    • Compact: if you have limited storage space in your home, stick vacuums are small enough that they can be stored upright without taking up too much room
    • Easy To Store: when not in use, many models come with wall mounts for easy access on display right near where they’re needed most
    • Affordable: Another great thing about these cleaners is their affordability – this type will work well for those who need something lightweight on a budget
    Guide to Stick Vacuums

    Disadvantages of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

    • Limited Accessories: if you want to use it as a carpet vacuum, for example, you’ll need to purchase that accessory separately
    • Not Suitable For All Types of Flooring: in the same vein, not all stick vacuums are suitable for any flooring. For example, some models are perfect for hardwood floors but not so much for carpets
    • Limited Reach: another thing to consider before purchasing is whether your home has high ceilings. If it does, then stick vacuum cleaners won’t reach up there as well because their design doesn’t allow them to go very high off the ground

    What Is a Stick Vacuum Best For?

    A stick vacuum is perfect for people who live in small apartments or don’t have much storage space because they can be stored upright without taking up too much room.

    They’re also good for those looking to save money but still want a quality, lightweight vacuum cleaner with all the necessary features.

    Stick vacuums are usually best suited to hard floors and low-pile carpets, but some models work well for hardwood floors and carpets.

    Cordless stick vacuums have the advantage of being lightweight, so they’re easy to carry around and good if you need mobility or don’t want a cord getting in your way when using it.

    They also come with things such as attachments for different types of flooring, which can be quite useful depending on what type of surface most needs cleaning.

    Guide to Stick Vacuums

    What to Look For in a Good Stick Vacuum

    • Cordless Capabilities: to make it easier for you, look for a cordless model that has all the features you need, such as attachments and power suction
    • Easy Storage: another thing to consider is how easy of a time this vacuum will have to get stored away. For example, some models can be hung on the wall or come with their own storage space, so they don’t take up too much room in your home when not being used
    • Ergonomic Design1: if you plan on using it often, an ergonomic design will benefit you because the chances are high that it’ll get heavy over long periods of use. Stick vacuums usually include comfortable grips, which help reduce fatigue from prolonged use
    • Lightweight: although not very heavy, stick vacuums are still a bit heavier than other types of cleaners, so make sure it’s designed to be lightweight. This will help ensure that the device is easy to carry and won’t strain your back or arms after prolonged use
    • No Filters or Bags: this type needs to be emptied often, but there are no filters or bags, which makes cleanup easier
    • Affordable Price Point: The last thing you want is for your vacuum cleaner purchase to break the bank – if possible, try looking for something affordable while also maintaining quality standards like power suction and accessories included to get everything you need in one package
    Guide to Stick Vacuums

    Main Features That Vary in Any Stick Vacuum

    Suction Power: the power of a vacuum cleaner is measured in air watts2 and can vary from around 100 to 800.

    Some models have been known to go as high as 1200, which helps clean up messes faster

    Accessories: this term refers to all the things that come with your purchase, such as attachments for different types of flooring.

    Extensions for hard-to-reach spaces, crevice3 tools (for difficult spots), and anything else you might need depending on what type of surface needs cleaning more often than others

    Power Cord Length: if you’re planning on using it outside, then make sure its cord length will reach there without any troublesome only run about 12 feet while others are much longer, like 25 feet or 50 feet long

    Weight Capacity: this is how much weight the vacuum can hold before it needs to be emptied

    Cruise Control: this feature controls the speed of your cleaner so that you’re not always having to manually change speeds depending on what type of flooring you’re cleaning.

    Some models come with a remote control that provides easy adjustments without needing to leave whatever spot you’re in and pick up something else

    Bagless, Washable Filter: these are filters that need to be cleaned often but don’t require any bags or replacements because they can go through the wash.

    They do require more maintenance than their bagged counterparts, though (although no replacement costs)

    HEPA Filtration System4: these systems capture 99% of allergens, pollens, and other tiny particles that can irritate allergies and asthma

    Cordless: This is a vacuum cleaner without any cords attached, making it easy to use in different places.

    These are also good for those who don’t like the idea of having an additional cord getting in their way when using it.

    Long Battery Life: these models will last about 30-60 minutes on just one charge, so you’re not constantly needing to plug them back into the wall or recharging them every time you want to clean up some messes.

    However, make sure that the battery within your model lasts long enough before purchase because there’s no point if after only a few uses its dead

    One-Touch Brush Roll Shutoff: This feature shuts off brush roll rotation automatically at the end of a cleaning job.

    This is helpful when vacuuming an area with lots of debris because it will break up the dirt and leave only clean air behind

    Pet Hair Attachment: this attachment helps pick up pet hair from carpets, furniture, stairs, and other surfaces.

    Some models even come with more than one so that you can use whichever best suits your needs depending on where you’re trying to vacuum

    Carbon Filter: these filters are used for those with allergies or asthma conditions to help reduce exposure to allergens5 like pollen which might be present within the air while using their stick vacuum cleaner.

    They keep dust particles out of the air as well.

    Guide to Stick Vacuums

    Common Questions

    How Much Does a Good Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cost?

    How Long Do the Batteries Last on Stick Vacuum Cleaners?

    How Do I Know if a Stick Vacuum Cleaner Is a Good Purchase?

    How Do I Know if a Stick Vacuum Is for Me?

    In Conclusion

    Stick vacuums are a great option for people with small homes, apartments, or who want to keep the vacuum out of sight. They’re also perfect for quick cleanups in areas like your car and stairs.

    If you need a little extra help getting around furniture or other obstacles, most stick models have attachments that can be used to cover hardwood floors without scratching them while they pick up dirt and debris on carpeting.

    You may need an extension cord if power outlets aren’t close by, but it’s worth it! Just follow this guide to stick vacuums and you’ll have all your questions answered.

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